How To Host A Girls' Night

I absolutely love weekends and I think it is safe to say that you do too! I do enjoy school (yeah, I'm weird) and work and internships, but weekends (without work) are great. It is always nice to have time to relax, binge watch shows on Netflix, and catch up with friends and family. Catching up with friends and family sometimes means having a girls' night. Sometimes, staying in with your mom and sister or best girlfriends is just what you need.

Want to plan a girls' night? I have your how-to guide right here! Ready?

Send Out The Invitations
Sure, you can send out a group text OR you could do something cuter! You could use a site like Evite and send them out! Not into that? Make a Facebook group! This is also a cute way to invite your friends.

Pick Up Necessities
You're going to need to pick up important items like food, drinks, and maybe even some decorations! What you need all depends on what kind of girls' night in you're having. Are you going for an elegant dinner party or are did you ask everyone to come in pajamas for a movie night? Don't forget food.. snacks are a must and I love DIY food bars. Potlucks are also SUPER fun! Drinks are always super important and if you're of age.. don't forget the rosé, vodka, beer, Jack Daniels.. whatever you like, girl.

One of my favorite parts of a girls' night is prepping the space. There is no need to go crazy. Just add a few light touches.. fresh flowers, extra pillows and blankets. Have fun with this!

Relax, Enjoy Yourself and Your Girls
When the time comes, enjoy yourself! You planned an awesome girls' night in and now it is time to enjoy yourself and your besties. Catch up, laugh, do whatever it is you all enjoy. 

I am definitely having a girls' night soon and you should, too! What are some fun girls' night in themes? Let's share them in the comments!


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