My Summer Bucket List

We are already halfway through 2017. This is crazy, but it has been a really good year, so I guess I cannot really complain. Summer 2017 is my last summer as a college student. Next year, I will (hopefully) have a full-time, grown up job, so I am enjoying every day of this summer. I even created a bucket list and I highly recommend you do the same! Not sure what to put on yours? Don't worry. I'm sharing my bucket list with you so you can get a little inspiration. I'll update you at the end of summer to let you know how many I actually did.

Get an internship
Have an AOII family sleepover
Read a book
Celebrate Casey’s  (my little) 21st birthday
Go on vacation with David
Get healthy
Work as an extra
Explore McDonough
Have a pamper day
Go to the lake
Bake cookies
Go to a Braves game
Go tubing
Have a water balloon fight
Have a sleepover with Janett (my younger sister)
Blog and vlog as much as possible
Make my own Snapchat filter for my birthday
Make ice cream
Get really tan
Watch fireworks
Watch the sunrise at the beach
Watch the laser show at Stone Mountain

Find out who –AD is

What are five things on your bucket list? Let me know in a comment below!


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