10 Things Busy Girl Want You To Know

I am a busy girl. I am a blogger, college student (and involved in four organizations at my university), intern, and do freelance journalist work. Can you relate? 

As busy women, our lives seem to never stop. There is always something to do, something to plan, something to fix. There is not always down-time and when there is, it is rare and feels really weird.

This blog post is a little different than my others, but it has been fun to write. There are many things that busy girls, like me, want you to know. 

Sleep is so important.
To keep us going, we need our rest. Do not disturb us while we're getting our beauty rest.

Multitasking is essential for us.
We can do multiple things done at once and usually, we do it well.

We forget to eat sometimes.
I never thought that I would be the one to forget a meal, but lately I'll just be working and be like, "wait.. breakfast? lunch? I haven't eaten."

Our secret? Coffee (or another form of caffeine).
Coffee is my life. It gives me life. I love coffee. It is my go-to middle-of-the-day-pick-me-up drink.

We're behind on TV shows.
Other than Pretty Little Liars, I have never been able to keep up with a show. Netflix and channels that allow you to stream shows online after they premiere are my bffs.

Slow walkers are the worst.
YES. I pass so many people when I'm walking to class during the school year.

We are always down to grab a drink after work.
Please invite me to grab drinks with you. I am always down (unless I need to sleep).

Planning ahead is crazy important for us.
My planner is my life and if I lost it, I probably wouldn't know what I need to do every day.

Relaxing is hard.
If I'm not multitasking, I consider that relaxing. That's not what relaxing is? Oh...

We feel unproductive when we are not busy.
I am still trying to learn that it is okay not to be busy at all times. If I'm not busy, I have to find something to do or I feel like I am wasting my life away.

Are you a busy girl? You're not alone. If you are a person who can relax without a problem, PLEASE give me your secrets. Let's start a conversation in the comments.


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