5 Tips To Rock Your Internship

Friday is here and I am so ready for the weekend. My plans? Write a paper about the management at the station I intern for. Sounds super exciting, doesn't it? Yeah, who am I kidding? I'm doing my internship for credit (meaning it takes the place of a college class), so this paper is just something I have to do.

I'm really excited because I'm sharing 5 tips that will really help you be a great intern. I've had two internships (last summer, I was at The Bert Show, a nationally-syndicated morning show, and this year I'm at Q100, the #1 top 40 station in Atlanta) so I have learned so much. Also, I still keep in contact with the members of The Bert Show and have a letter of recommendation from them, so I think I did pretty well as their intern. I want to share some of my tips with you so that way you can be a great intern, too!

Gain Trust From The Beginning
When you start, you will have to prove yourself. You will have to show that you follow directions, pay attention to detail, and care about the company and quality of work. When you do tasks well, you might be trusted to take on bigger, more important tasks.

Pay Attention To Office Behavior
Observe how those who work there act and mirror that. If they use a certain volume when talking, do that, too. If they are 30 minutes to early to meetings, do the same. For example, I don't think that it has ever been said, but I know that when the studio light is on, you DO NOT walk in. You wait until the on-air personality is finished and the light goes off before you walk in the studio. I've watched employees do that, so I do the same. Something so simple has made me stand out.

Radio is a pretty chill environment, but I don't sit there on my phone for hours or text my friends. I focus and pay attention to what is going on, even if I am not working on a task. Observe and pay attention. Your internship is not the time to be on social media.

Ask For Feedback
Every now and then, simply ask your supervisor how you are doing. Ask what you could do differently or better. Take their feedback, listen, and use it.

Learn From Your Co-Workers
Make conversation and ask those who work there about their career. Ask how they got there, advice, what they enjoy, and what are the challenges of the field. More often than not, they will be happy to talk and you will get some advice from people who are working in a field you're interested in.

What other questions do you have about getting an internships? Ask below! I'll answer them and if you have a post request, put that below, too!


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