Managing Your Time In College

Happy Monday! I took a little break to spend time with family, but I'm back and I'm so happy. I miss blogging when I go away for a bit. Can you believe July is almost over? Woah.. it is so crazy how quickly summer is flying by. 

I start my last semester of college in just about a month (I might have just shed a tear..) and I have learned so many things during my time in college. Many of those lessons have been outside-of-the-classroom, life lessons like how to manage my time and I'm sharing a few tips with you that will hopefully help you!

Put Your Classes First
You're in college for a reason and that is to get an education. Go to class. This is especially important once you get to your major classes because you really need to be there to learn and your professors notice when you attend class and do well. At my university, literally every professor in the journalism department worked in the field... ABC News, CNN... and these are the type of people you want to impress because they also have valuable connections.

Get In Your Zone To Get Things Done
Sit at your desk. Go to the library. Go to your favorite coffee shop. Wherever that place is where you can be productive, go there and get things done.

Make A To Do List
If I don't write things down, I'll forget it, so I always have a to do list. I just grab a sticky note, put it in my planner, and write down everything I need to do. On my planner, I write down homework and assignments I need to get done and on my sticky note, I write other things I need to do like laundry, meetings, or blogging. When I finish something, I cross it off and that feeling is so satisfying.

Don't Overbook Yourself
I am a full-time student, blog, hold an leadership position in my sorority, hold a leadership position in Her Campus, intern, and participate in a few other things. I am busy, but I don't say yes to everything. I can't do everything that is asked of me and sometimes, I just have to say no. You can't do everything and if you can, then mad props to you.

Track How You Spend Your Time
You might sit down with the intention of studying for two hours, but then YouTube and Instagram get your attention and you study for maybe an hour. Make a plan and track how you actually spend your time. This will help you realize what you actually get done.

Learn To Be Flexible
Plans change all the time and I hate when my plans change. I like to have my schedule and stick to it, but that just doesn't happen all the time. I used to (and still sometimes do) get really upset when plans changed and my schedule got messed up. I've had to learn how to be flexible and just go with the flow. When plans change, take a few minutes to re-organize your day and go with it.

What other tips do you have? Any college questions? Leave them in a comment below!


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