What To Wear During Rush

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Recruitment season is here and I am so excited. Joining a sorority was definitely one of the best decisions of my college career. If you are going through recruitment this year, I am so excited for you and please come back to this post and comment what sorority you joined! You are in for the experience of a lifetime. 

Before I rushed, I had no idea what to wear each day. Before recruitment began, everyone was given information and what to wear each day, but I still wanted inspiration. If you're looking for inspiration like I was, you've come to a great place. If you want more advice, find me on social media or Tumblr (all links in the sidebar) and ask away!

At Georgia State, we have three rounds plus bid night. All schools are different, but the attire is usually similar.  I've also included some of my recommendations so you can actually browse and buy right from here! 

Round 1: Open Rounds/Philanthropy 
This is the most fun and relaxed day! You can wear a nice short and blouse outfit, romper, or cute dress! Jack Rogers or any cute sandals are a great show option for this day, because you will probably be walking a lot.

Round 2: Sisterhood
This round is a bit more dressy. Wear a cute dress with dressy sandals, heels, or wedges.


Round 3: Preference
Preference day/night is great! Here, you will take part in a ceremony with the chapter and get a feel for where you best belong. At my school, girls going through rush wear all black. If you don't have a dress code for this day, stick to formal dinner attire and heels. If you think your feet will hurt walking back to your dorm, bring some sandals to change into at the end of the night.

Bid Night (the most exciting night!)
You can be super casual here. Wear some shorts or jeans with a tank top because you will given a shirt when you run home.

Do not wear anything too short, too tight, or too revealing. You want to send a positive message to these girls. If you would wear the outfit to a nightclub, then do not wear it to sorority rush. 

The best advice I can give is to be yourself! Being yourself includes how you dress, as well. Whatever you wear, make sure that it expresses your personal style. You want to end up in a house where you truly fit in.. and to do this you have to put your true self forward. The sorority you join will see you at your best and possibly worst. You want to be part of a sisterhood where you feel completely comfortable.

Also, I know I included some expensive stuff, but you do not have to spend lots of money. When I went though recruitment, everything I wore was from Target. No lie. You can wear affordable clothing and still  look nice. Some of my favorite places include Lulu's, Francesca's, Target, Charming Charlie's, Lilly Pulitzer, and Forever 21.

Have fun during recruitment! 


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