What To Wear To Class: Casual College Edition

*contains affiliate links, but I love all these brands*

In just a few weeks, I move into college for the very. last. time. Wow... how crazy is that? In just a few months, I'll be done with this chapter of my life and it is crazy to think about how quickly it went by. I'm definitely making the most of the next few months.

I go to Georgia State University right in downtown Atlanta and I LOVE it. When I'm going to class, I keep it super casual. By super casual, I mean an oversized, AOII t-shirt, shorts, and Chacos. When the weather gets colder, I swap Chacos for tennis shoes, wear leggings instead of shorts, and throw on my True Grit pullover.

If you're heading off to college, most people go to class super casual, unless there is a like a special guest or when giving a presentation. I've added my favorites down below and you can actually click the item to pull up the site to buy it. How simple is that?

What is your go-to clothing item for class?




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