5 Binge Worthy Shows On Netflix

I haven't even started school and I'm already thinking of all the ways to procrastinate. Netflix is my favorite way to procrastinate and avoid schoolwork. If you're also looking to procrastinate or just need some shows to binge watch, I'm sharing my five favorites with you.

Like mysteries and drama? This is for you. Also.. Cole Sprouse stars in it. Be sure to watch before October because that is when the second season airs.

Friends From College
This is a Netflix original and I totally recommend. This is a really great show and because there are only a few episodes right now, you could totally binge watch this is no time.

How I Met Your Mother
I never watched How I Met Your Mother until about a year or so ago. This show is great and even though there are multiple seasons, you'll want to keep watching and you'll make it to the end before you know it.

Gossip Girl
I feel like everyone has watched Gossip Girl, but if you haven't yet, do it as soon as you're done reading. Seriously, it is so good and might inspire you to channel your inner Blair Waldorf.

This is a classic and I just had to throw it in here. I had never watched this show until a few months ago and I can't believe I watched so long. This will take you some time to get through, but it is so worth it.

What is your all-time favorite show to binge-watch? What series did you get through the quickest? Comment below!


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