Advice For College Students

In two weeks, I'll be sitting in a classroom for my last semester of college. As a senior, I have learned so much over the past four years and I want to share all my college advice with you and today, I'm doing just that.

Rent your textbooks. If you can't, buy them used
And NEVER buy from your university's bookstore unless you absolutely have to. To compare textbook prices, Textsurf, is a great website! Just search the ISBN or title and you can see how much the book costs are various places. It helps you get to book for the best price.

When you are shopping or out to eat, ask if they have a student discountI haven't used my student discount enough. Most stores give students a 10% to 15% discount! Even restaurants have discounts or will give you a free drink or something if you're a student.

Use your college's gym
Most likely, your school gym is free for you to use. But really, it isn't free because you automatically get charged to use it in your student fees. You are paying to use it, so use it! My school's gym is huge and I love getting in a good workout there.

Join at least one organization 

Rush, join SGA, or find an organization that is related to your major or supports a cause you are passionate about. I am involved in many different organizations and it has really enhanced my college experience. Get involved!

Make going to class a priority 
College is fun, but the number one reason you are there is to learn. I know things happen, but avoid skipping class. This is especially important once you start your major classes. I'm a journalism major, and every journalism professor at my university has worked in the business, including places like CNN and ABC News. These are the people I want to impress and something as simple as always being early and never skipping class can make someone think positively of you.

Learn how to budget 
Use an app like Mint and manage all your expenses. Learn to budget now. It is never too early.

Call your parents (at least) weekly

You can seriously make their day by picking up the phone just to say hello. Whoever you consider your parent, call them at least weekly, if not more, just to catch up. They will love it!

Fill out your FAFSA early
This is most likely mandatory anyway, so get it done as soon as you can. Don't wait until the last minute because the longer you wait can sometimes affect how much financial aid you will receive. You might find that after your university processes it (which can take some time), you might have to take additional steps before your financial aid it released to you. Give yourself time and don't do it last minute.

Use your planner
It will be hard to remember everything, so it is so important to use a planner. I even color code mine, but you don't have to go that crazy..

Meet with your advisor at least once every semester 
You don't want to wait until senior year and find out you aren't on track to graduate at all. Go to your counselor every semester just to make sure you're on the right track.

If you have a meal plan, use it!
You are paying money for your meal plan, so use it! Don't go out for every meal or buy lots of groceries when you have a meal plan (the dining halls at my school are open 24 hours).

Take photos
College memories are so sweet. Be in the moment, but totally take a picture, video, or even a boomerang to remember the moment. I love looking back at all the pictures and videos I've taken over the past few years.

College is hard work, so have fun
Despite the long papers, group projects, and all-nighters you will have trying to study, college is so much fun. Take a break from the work and have fun. Go out with your friends. Go on that late night Cookout run. Hit the gym with your roomie. Have fun and enjoy college.

College has been such a wonderful chapter of my life and realizing just how quickly I'll be walking across the stage to get my diploma is making me want to cherish every single second I have left. I know that I'm leaving college happy with all the decisions I've made and all the experiences I've had. I hope you will too!

Have any other questions or need advice? Leave a comment below or send me a message on Tumblr! I'd love to chat with you.


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