Bracelets That Give Back

I have always been super simple with my jewelry and accessories. I believe that all you need is a few cute pieces to really make an outfit. My favorite places to pick up everyday jewelry are Francesca's and Charming Charlie's, but I have recently discovered Pura Vida and I am obsessed with their stuff. The best part is that they help support artisans will full-time jobs!

Pura Vida sells bracelets, rings, anklets, accessories, and even clothing! There are even charms that you can add to your Pura Vida bracelet to really personalize it. They also have charity bracelets and a portion of each purchase goes to the charity who created it. I have charity bracelets for the Air Force, American Heart Association, and Arthritis Research. 

Pura Vida is super affordable, but to save you some extra money, I've got a coupon code for you! Use the code "AmandaAlvarado20" for 20% off!

Check back on Wednesday because I'm giving you my advice for college. 


*This post contains affiliate links, but I only support brands I truly love. Thank you for making this blog possible*

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