My (Last) College Room Tour

Happy Monday! I am kind of exhausted because I spent my weekend at Music Midtown, which was so much fun. I've never been and I've always wanted to go, but could never afford it.
Bruno Mars was incredible, you guys. Incredible. It was so much fun and I'd like to publicly thank my friend Keri for just giving me her wristbands. I'm so sorry you couldn't make it.. thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to go. 

I've been in school for about a month and I finally have my room together, so it's time for a room tour! This is my last college room tour, which is crazy. The next time I do a room tour it will be for my apartment or house. That's so weird to think about. Anyway, let's just get into this room tour, shall we? I'm a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi and I live in the sorority house. I've got my own room!

When you walk in the door, you kind of get a full view of the room. Right next to the entrance is my closet, which is open and doesn't have a door, so my dresser fits right in it perfectly! In my dresser I keep underwear, bras, socks, t-shirts, shorts, leggings.. stuff like that. I've got all kinds of hair products, lotions, and perfume in the corner. I love Not Your Mother's hair products, Bath and Body works lotion (currently using the Cocktail Dress scent), and coconut oil for super dry patches of skin and occasionally in my hair as a mask. 

I've got my clothes hanging up in my closer, random bags, purses, and extra blankets and towels on the shelf above it. Next to my closet, it my super cute paddle that my little, Casey, made. 

Then, I've got my television which is just sitting on this plastic drawer thing and a box. Super cute, I know. Then, my desk! I have my desk lamp, a desk organizer with all the essentials, and my makeup. My bed is right next to my dresser.

In the back corner, I have my mini fridge. I keep my Keurig and Oster blender on top. I've got a side table that attaches to the bed and it holds all my mugs and cups. I have way too many!

I uploaded a College Room Tour video, so be sure to check that out! I definitely went more in depth on the YouTube channel. 

There you have it. My last college room tour ever. That's so crazy! What do you think??

See ya Wednesday!


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