Weekend Recap: September 22 - 24

Seriously. Where is 2017 going? Fall is already here, but honestly, I'm not complaining. I'm just going to need Georgia weather to get the memo and cool down a bit. It is too hot here..

This week is super exciting because my sister is being induced on Tuesday and my nephew Bentley should be making his arrival Wednesday! I am so excited to be an aunt and love this little boy. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay updated!

Because I'm going home tomorrow, I spent most of my weekend knocking out lots of homework and today, I'm finishing up the last few assignments, including a paper that has been the death of me. I have literally just stared at my computer screen for hours working on a single sentence. Senioritis is so real.

Saturday evening, my younger brother Brent decided to spend the night with me. We ate at a Chinese buffet that I go to often with my dad, enjoyed some sweet treats and bubble tea from Sweet Hut in midtown, drove around Atlanta for a bit, then came back to my room and watched ESPN.

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Sunday morning, we woke up early and went to Home Grown. Brent mentioned that he was craving biscuits and gravy, so we did some research and discovered this place. Amazing. I got a chicken biscuit, a southern classic. Brent got their Comfy Chicken Biscuit, which is an open-face chicken biscuit covered in sausage gravy. My mom makes the best biscuits and gravy I've ever had and Home Grown's recipe is nearly identical. We also shared an order of their fried green tomatoes. Again, amazing and so delicious. I'm definitely going again, but I'll be ordering something with their pimiento cheese. I hear it is incredible!

That afternoon, my brother went back home and I got ready for some Big/Little reveal! My Grandlittle became a Big, making me a Great Grandbig. If you aren't in a sorority, it is essentially like a family. So Big = Mom. Little = Child. Grandbig = Grandmother... and so forth. You probably think it is weird and it probably is, but I love it soooo yeah.

We ended the night eating at Tacos and Tequila, a local Mexican restaurant, for a little fam dinner.

Now.. I've got to get back to finishing this paper and then tomorrow I'll be at Georgia State Stadium working on the Sports Update show and then I'm heading home for the arrival of my nephew, Bentley!

Hope you enjoyed this little recap!


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