What I Eat In A Day - Vegetarian, Budget-Friendly

Happy Monday! Can you believe it is already October? 2017 is flying by and I'm going to need it to slow down just a bit.

Life for me has been crazy busy, but the most exciting thing is that... I AM AN AUNT!!

Isn't he a cutie?

Today, I'm sharing what I eat in a day. Since August, I've been eating a mostly vegetarian diet, trying to just be as plant-based as possible. I have actually lost some weight and overall feel a lot better.

So for breakfast, I eat the same thing every single morning and it is so good. I have avocado toast topped with a fried egg. I use sweet hawaiian sliced bread that I buy from Kroger, half an avocado, and then I cook an egg with some oil spray. It takes literally just a few minutes and it is so good! It also keeps me so full. Sometimes, I'll have some coffee. My favorite right now is the Dunkin Donuts pumpkin coffee (from the store that you brew at home) with some almond milk.

Lunch varies every day, but I have two go-to lunches. Sometimes I have some hummus with pita bread and carrots. I am SUPER picky about hummus, but my favorite store bought one right now is the original Simple Truth hummus from Kroger. It is the only store bought hummus I like and I don't have a food processor here at school to make my own. Other days, I'll have a smoothie. I use a frozen banana, a small handful of frozen mixed fruit, peanut butter, chia seeds, and almond milk. If I buy spinach, I'll add some spinach to it.

Dinner also varies. I'll make vegetable fried rice, a vegetable pizza on pita bread, a burrito bowl, or my new favorite... a Beyond Burger. I had a video trying it out and I was really nervous, but it is so good. It is the most meat-tasting plant based burger I've ever had (I think veggie burgers are gross).

I'm running out on vegetarian recipes, so if you have any favorites, leave it in a comment below! My only request is no tofu. I'm not a fan. Thanks for stopping by!


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