Fall Fashion Essentials

Happy, happy Monday! I had a really fun, but still relaxing weekend, which was much needed.

I spent Friday evening enjoying some wine and pizza while doing homework and watching Netflix. Saturday, I got up early and headed to north Georgia to try out Ballground Burger Bus, which was AMAZING. Sometimes, you just need a good burger. Happy cheat day to me! I went home that night and really enjoyed being home with my family. Sunday, I came back to campus, wrapped up homework, did laundry, and went to a meeting. It was a perfect fall weekend if you ask me!

Speaking of fall, the weather is finally cooler here in Georgia and I've been able to break out the flannels, sweaters, and boots. I absolutely love fall fashion. I've already got a few essentials

Black Jeans
I don't wear a whole lot of light denim, especially not in the fall. A pair of black jeans are perfect and essential because there are so many outfit options. They're such a staple.


Anything Red
I am loving the color red right now and I definitely think having something red makes any outfit pop.

Cropped Sweaters
I really love sweaters and I'm getting into those sweaters that are slightly cropped. I have one and I love it. A cropped sweater, jeans, booties, and a long coat is a great outfit!

Thigh-high Boots
Thigh high boots REALLY stand out with any outfit. You can pair them with jeans or a sweater dress and they look killer.

Which of my fall fashion essentials is your favorite? What would you add? Comment below!




  1. I can totally get behind a fun bold red sweater to brighten up the winter!

    1. I love red. I feel like the color alone just makes my outfit pop!

  2. I can totally get into the thigh high boot trend. I got a pair from Target just to test out the style on me and I'm officially obsessed. I need to get some more for the upcoming winter season.

    -xo, Makaela

    1. I want a pair so bad. I'm trying to find a good, but not too expensive pair. I'll check Target!

  3. Ooo your picks are so cute! I LOVE the sweaters and boots! I feel like I need a new pair this year! :)

    xo, Chloe // https://funinthecloset.com/florals-for-fall/

    1. Me too! The only thing keeping me from going on a shopping spree is my bank account lol

      - Amanda



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