Falling Apart

Before I get into this post, how pretty are these fall leaves? My absolute favorite season is fall. This fall, I feel like my life is falling apart.

I graduate college in a month. Wow. No, I don't know what I'm doing after graduation. I've sent countless applications and had a few interviews, but nothing is set in stone yet. Honestly, I'm freaking out. I want a plan and I don't have that yet. I know I want to work in media, news or entertainment, and I've been fortunate enough to get to final interviews, but I have yet to receive a job offer.

It's scary. I'm not going to lie. In a month, I graduate college and I have no plan right now.

If you find yourself in a similar situation where life just seems to be falling apart a bit, I feel you 100 percent. I've had more anxiety and panic attacks in the last few months than I have in a long time because I'm so stressed.

Right now, I just feel lost and I feel like my life is falling apart.

I've interned and been so involved. I've spent my college career making sure that I've made decisions that will help me get a job after college. I hoped that by now, I would've had an offer or something, but that hasn't happened. It sucks.

On top of the stress of finding a post-grad job, leaving college is something that it going to be hard. I've enjoyed college and I've had so much fun. I definitely think that I'd feel much more ready to graduate if I had a job somewhere, but it's still hard to say goodbye to this chapter in my life.

Blogging is my therapy. I make no money doing this or YouTube. I do it as a hobby. It is my way to be creative and share my thoughts. Someone did ask if I was going to blog full-time after college, but honestly, I don't even make a cent, so pursuing this full-time without any source of income would be hard. I wish I could, though.

If you find yourself in a chapter of your life where things are uncertain, just know that I am in the same boat. If you want to talk, reach out to me. Seriously. I love connecting with you all. You're my family.

When life seems to be falling apart, it can be hard to find the positives. In my life, some positive things include being healthy; the arrival of my nephew, Bentley; a supportive family; and even though there have been no offers, I've gotten to go some pretty cool places for job interviews.

Here's to all the changes that are about to happen in my life. Life is never easy and it is definitely never certain, but I'm blessed. Even when life seems to be falling apart, I have so much to be thankful for.


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