How To Have A Cozy Night In

Happy Friday!! I am so excited because I am done with classes for a week and one of my friends is getting married tomorrow and I'm a bridesmaid! I'm just getting some things done before I head to the rehearsal dinner in a few hours. I love love!

It is finally chilly in Atlanta and cooler weather makes me want to have super fun cozy nights in! I am always on the go and always thinking about what's next, but I think it is super important to slow down and just take a mental break. A cozy night in is a perfect way to do that. You gotta treat yo' self!


Wanna have a cozy night in? Here's how:

1. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate
Tea definitely helps me when I am feeling super stressed and just need to wind down. I love coffee, but tea helps me relax and will help me get ready to go to sleep. Coffee will definitely keep me up. If you want to have a little bit of fun, swap the tea for some hot chocolate. It is super easy to make homemade or you can just use a packet of instant hot chocolate. A nice warm beverage is a good way to wind down for the night. 

2. You probably have Netflix or Hulu, so watch a movie!
After you make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate, grab a soft blanket and curl up on the couch and watch a movie. It is a great way to relax!

3. Treat yourself to a little spa night
Spas are pricey and I'm in college and will be unemployed when I graduate (unless I get a job offer in a month), so I need some inexpensive options. Start with a warm bath and then use a face mask, foot scrub, and your favorite lotion. My skin is SUPER sensitive, so I have to be really careful when using face masks. Even the ones that say they're for sensitive skin will burn my face. Lush has some amazing face masks!

4. Build a fort. Seriously.
Grab your favorite pillows and blankets and go back to your childhood. Build a fort right in front of your TV and do your movie night that way. It's so much fun.

5. Choose the perfect playlist
Rap music isn't really the best when you're trying to relax, at least not for me. Spotify has really great playlists that are based on whatever mood you're feeling, which is super helpful when trying to choose relaxing music. 

I think I'm gonna do a cozy night Sunday. What about you?


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