What I Want For Christmas

Happy Monday! I feel like I start most Monday posts that way.. I might need to find a new phrase. Haha. My first class is canceled today, so I've just got one class to go to and then a tour over at CNN for my sports journalism class. How exciting? Funny thing is.. I actually have an interview with them tomorrow. Wish me luck!

It might not quite be December yet, but I'm already in the Christmas spirit! I absolutely love this time of the year and it really just helps me put everything into perspective and realize how blessed I am.

Christmas isn't about the gifts, but everyone is asking me what I want for Christmas, so I'm sharing my wish list with you! Maybe it'll give you some ideas on what you might want for Christmas or what to get someone as a gift.  


My Christmas list includes:

Nike shoes - I've got a pair already, but I really need a new pair.

Nespresso - I absolutely love vanilla lattes and I'd love to be able to save some money and make them myself.

Rings - I love rings, so of course, it's always at the top of my list.

Longchamp tote - I've been wanting a Longchamp tote forever. I love how they look and they hold so much stuff.

Booties - I have a brown pair of booties, so I would love to have a black pair.

Over the knee boots - I found a pair from Target that I'm in love with! I have been wanting over the knee for a while and this is the year I'm getting them, whether as a gift or by getting them for myself.

Apple Watch - This is the #1 thing I want for Christmas and if it is the only thing I get, I will be happy. I've been wanting one and now that I'm working out more regularly and will be working full-time, I think it is perfect.

Feel free to shop from my Christmas list right here if you see something you like.

What do you want for Christmas? Comment below!


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