How To Pamper Yourself Tonight

Happy, happy Wednesday! Does anyone refer to Wednesday as hump day anymore? We're almost to the weekend and this weekend is super exciting because Christmas Eve is on SUNDAY!!! I celebrate Christmas, but what do you celebrate? Comment below and let me know!

I love the holidays. Seriously, like I feel like Santa's elf sometimes because I LIVE for the holiday season. Sometimes, I get burnt out or just get so caught up that I almost forget to take it in and relax.

I just graduated from college, so the past few months have been extra stressful and busy. I was doing some planning and realized that I was just feeing really stressed, so I decided to spent that evening just focusing on me. I basically just had a little pampering night!

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I started the night with a cup of tea. I really like Teavana and Yogi.. they have great teas. Because I battle with anxiety, I am always looking for teas that help with anxiety and stress. I love coffee, but when I'm trying to relax and wind-down, I find that a warm cup of tea works best. Hot chocolate is fun to have too!

After I finished my tea, I grabbed a Lush bath bomb, lit my stress-relief candle, and took a bath. I listened to a little bit of music on Spotify, but ended up watching The Crown on Netflix. I highly recommend. It is such a great show.

After my bath, I put on my favorite pajama set. Wearing a nice pair of pajamas really just makes me feel put together. I got in bed and read my devotions. Reading before bed really helps. I am a Christian, so I just choose faith-based readings before bed. Other books that aren't religion-based that I love are Girlboss, Milk and Honey, and Promise Me, Dad.

I have been reading Simple Pursuit, but I took a break to read the Christmas series on the Delight Ministries app. I have had trouble trusting God lately. The Christmas series has really been speaking to me. I am at a hard place in my life right now and have been losing hope. This series has helped a bit.

After reading, I felt really relaxed and at-ease and went right to sleep. It was such a much-needed night to regroup and focus on my own well-being. 

Pampering yourself and just taking some time to focus on yourself is so important. A night in to relax is not the answer to everything, but sometimes, it really does help. Just like a night out on the town is needed every now and then, so is a night in. 

When it comes to pampering myself, I love using a good bath bomb or bubble bar in the bath. What is your favorite way to pamper yourself? Comment below!



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