How I Edit My Instagram Photos

If you're like me and enjoy putting the perfect picture on Instagram, then this post is for you!

Happy Monday and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I seriously cannot believe that the holidays are over, but the new year has been pretty great so far. One thing that I'm probably most proud of is I've stuck to my workout plan. I started before Thanksgiving and even with the holidays, I have really kept up with my workouts. How are some of your resolutions and goals going? We're going to achieve those goals this year!

Something that I really worked on last year was stepping up my Instagram game. Yes, I had more serious goals, but this was a fun one! 

So this is what my Instagram looks like currently:

The first step of getting the perfect Instagram photo is well... taking the photo. I usually take the photo using the square crop on my iPhone so that I don't have to worry about cropping it later. Once I get the photo I want, I open it is VSCO.

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Once in VSCO, I use the filter HB2. Sometimes I'll bring it down, but usually I keep it at 12. Once the filter is applied, I change the exposure, contrast, sharpen, and saturation.

I typically move the exposure up or down by only about 1 or 2. It all depends on the photo. 

For contrast, I usually bring it up, but no more than 3. 

I sharpen each image slightly and then turn the saturation up by no more than 1. 

So, that is how I edit my Instagram. I really love the HB2 filter and I think it is the real basis for my Instagram theme at the moment. VSCO is such a great app that has pretty much any tool you'll need to edit your Insta photos. It is my favorite iPhone photo editing app!

Now, you tell me. What tips do you have when it comes to killing the Instagram game? Comment your tips below and your Instagram, too!


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