5 Tips For Sticking To Your Fitness Plan

Happy Tuesday! Not sure what the weather has been like for you,  but Georgia decided it wanted spring to come a little early and I'm not thrilled. I really enjoy the colder weather, but it looks like the warmer weather is here to stay.

Over the weekend, I was in Atlanta with David. We went out to Wahlburgers and hung out at The Battery on Saturday. Sunday, we took Leia (our new rescue dog!) to the Beltline. We met this older man who talked to us about doggie daycares to help her get all her energy out and get to play with other dogs, so we're looking into some in Atlanta. She loved the Beltline and I got all my steps in for the day! I've been trying to be more active lately beyond just getting a daily workout.

I've been really sticking to my health and fitness goals lately, which is something that I'm really proud of! I do have my off days, but overall, I've been doing well and staying motivated. Here are some tips that help me stick to my fitness plan.

1. Do it for yourself.
You gotta do it for yourself. Of course, you can have other reasons. I sure do, but the number one reason is for me.

2. Don't do the same workout every time.
Make it fun and do something different occasionally. I've read over and over that you should switch up your workout anyway so your body doesn't get used to the same workout. Doing something different every now and then keeps it fun! 8fit gives me a different workout everyday, so it does the work for me!

3. Make it a habit.
I do my workout at the same time every single day. I even have it scheduled in my planner. It has become a habit and just another part of my day. I don't even think twice (sometimes) about working out.

4. Track it.
When you log your process, you know exactly how you're doing. I track my workouts and keep a food diary and it helps me to stay on track.

5. Celebrate your victories!
When you eat healthy and stick to your workouts, celebrate! Get those shoes you've been eyeing, go get your nails done, have a spa day. Celebrating your victories and progress will help keep you motivated.

I'm no fitness or health expert, but hope these tips help you on your own fitness and health journey. I've got a long way to go, but every day, I'm getting closer!

Comment your favorite workout! Mine is squats. My least favorite? Burpees!


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