How To Manage Your Time Wisely

How is it already March? I feel like I was just celebrating New Year's a week ago and now March is here. Crazy!

March is kind of a busy month for me. There are a couple of events I have going on this month. My brother Brent turns 15 and my mom's birthday is also this month! This month, I've also started making steps towards doing some freelance social media management. Shameless plug... if you or someone you know is in need of a social media manager, contact me!

With work, my personal brand and projects, and trying to still have a social life... sometimes, I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Some days are pretty overwhelming, but I'm slowly getting the hang of being really busy. Here's a little advice when it comes to time management and how to manage your time wisely.

1. Prioritize Everything
Every night, I grab my planner and map out the following day and figure out what absolutely needs to be done, so that I can go into the next day with a clear idea of what needs to get done. It doesn't take long and I like going into a new day with a set plan and knowing what needs to be done.

2. Be Organized
When you're organized, you'll spend a lot less time finding things and wondering what to do next. I am just naturally a really organized person, but I know it doesn't come naturally to everyone. Start by cleaning out your closet or even making your bed.

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3. Know Your Goals
Setting goals for yourself will help you prioritize and make plans. Engage in activities that will help you accomplish those goals.

4. Know When To Say No
I've learned that you can't do everything and sometimes, you just have to say no. That's okay. When I get overwhelmed, I have a hard time getting things done. You're the boss of your life. Remember that.

5. Eliminate Distractions
I definitely lose track of time scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, so I know when I need to get stuff done and be productive, it is best if I put my phone down. If not... 5 minutes will turn into 30 minutes liking tweets and photos.

College is definitely where I started to learn how to manage time, but now that I'm balancing a new, really great job, working on my brand, and having a personal life.. I am learning new things all over again.  Adulting is fun and crazy and hard all at the same time, isn't it? I'm not perfect and I make mistakes every single day, but I'm learning so much about my self and live in general.

Here's to navigating through this crazy thing called life.


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