A Day In My Life: Fabulous App, Working in Radio

Are you ready to tackle the day? I know I am!

Today, I’m taking you along a day in my life today! I’ve done a couple vlogs that are up on YouTube, but I decided to switch the format and tell you all about a day in my life right here on the blog! I’m sharing my whole routine and some of my favorite products and apps with you. Sound good?

Good Morning! 
My day starts at 7:15 am when my alarm goes off to remind me that it’s time to get up, get moving, and start the day! Like pretty much every millennial, I grab my phone. I start off with a little Bible reading and prayer. I use the First 5 app in the mornings and I love it! It’s such a great app and gives you a quick little devotion you can do every single day. After that, I check through social media to see what I missed while I was catching some zzz’s.

Once I get all caught up - I don’t spend too long on social media, I open up the Fabulous app. This is not sponsored or anything. They don’t even know I exist, but I LOVE this app. This app is amazing and has helped me develop a daily routine. I am such a routine gal. I love schedules and as a kid, would even schedule out my day. I’ve got a morning routine, afternoon routine, evening routine, and night routine. I have alarms set to go off when eat routine should start. Fabulous alerts me that my morning routine should start at 7:20. When I accomplish each part of my routine, I check it off! 

Now, I get out of bed and head to the bathroom so I can wash my face and brush my teeth! Pretty standard morning routine, right?

I head back to my room and get in a quick morning workout! I’ve been using the app 8fit. It’s another incredible health and fitness app that helps me get moving in the morning. While I workout, I typically watch Good Morning America. It’s been my routine since like high school to watch the news while getting ready in the morning!

After my workout, it’s time to get ready for the day. I start off with touching up my hair. I’ve been doing loose curls pretty much daily, so I touch those up, put in a little product - like dry shampoo if needed or hairspray - and that’s done. It maybe takes like 10 minutes. After that, I chose my outfit for the day. I’ve been on a no makeup kick, with the exception of when I’m filming the Friday Five - a new series I started on 96.5 The Bull that you can find on Facebook - and special occasions. If I’m wearing makeup that day, I’ll do that after I do my hair. 

Once I’m dressed, I pack up my Longchamp tote with everything I might need - headphones, DayDesigner, wallet, charger, external hard drive, MacBook - and put that by the door before heading to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, I take my vitamins and allergy medicine. I also put my lunch together, which is usually leftover from dinner the night before. After that, I make my iced coffee, which is just coffee that I brew and keep in the fridge, a little bit of vanilla or caramel coffee syrup, and frothed milk. This is my daily treat. I also cook breakfast, which is almost always a veggie egg scramble. Yum!

By 8:30 am, I’m out the door and in the car to start my hour and fifteen minute commute to work. 

Let’s Work
I usually get to work by 9:45 am and I head to my desk, start my computer, and get all my stuff ready for the day. While waiting for my computer to boot up, I refill my water bottle. 

Everyday at work is different, but it always consists of checking e-mails, making sure all promotions are in order, managing social media for nine different stations, updating the websites, show prep, and making sure everything sounds good on-air! Some days, we’ll have a celeb come in or I’ll get to hit the streets and meet listeners!

While at work, I eat my lunch around 1 pm and then at 3 pm, the Fabulous app goes off again and let’s me know it’s time to brush my teeth and log my time! Anyone else brush their teeth in the middle of the day?

At 4 pm, I wrap up what I’m working on, pack up my stuff, and head home!

Home Sweet Home
I get home by 5:30 pm each day. Once I get home, I change into a robe and do some quick tidying up to make sure that everything is put away. Around 5:45 pm, the Fabulous app let’s me know it’s time to start my evening routine with includes oil-pulling, showering, doing some evening beauty things (lotion, Babelash, etc.) applying self-tanner if I’m doing it that day, and then taking a quick power nap. All of that is wrapped up by 6:30!

After my little power nap, I have dinner. After dinner, that’s when I kick back, work on this blog and other freelance work, usually while catching up on YouTube or watching Netflix, Hulu, or E! 

If I washed my hair that day, I make sure it’s completely dry and usually do it around 8:30 pm. I do my hair at night to save time in the morning. My hair holds a curl pretty well, so in the morning, all I have to do is touch up a few pieces. 

At 9 pm, my Fabulous app lets me know it’s time to start to get ready for bed. I floss, brush my teeth, and use mouthwash. I also do my devotions. At night, I read the daily devotion from Simple Pursuit. I also go ahead and plan for the next day! 

With whatever time I have left, I’ll usually just finish watching something on TV. At 10 pm, I call it a night.

There’s my daily routine! What time does your day start and what time does it end?

Got a blog post idea? Let me know! I want to hear your ideas! 



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