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I follow quite a few influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers. Some of them I know and others I've only ever interacted with on social media. The content that I love most is the content that tells me about who they are. I want to know who I'm engaging with even if I don't know them personally. Obviously, I don't know everything about every single person I follow, but I like to get to know even just the basics.

I try to be 100% real and authentic on here, social media, YouTube... and anywhere else I am. I want you to know me, even if we haven't ever met in real life. You're spending your time on my little corner of the internet, which I am incredibly grateful for. I owe it to you to share who I am.

I'm sipping on a cup of hot tea. Grab a cup of coffee or tea. Maybe a glass of wine. Get cozy, because today, I'm sharing 50 facts about me. Get to know me with the Get To Know Me Tag

1. Full Name
Amanda Dale Alvarado

2. Zodiac Sign


3. 3 Fears

Failure, sharks, small spaces

4. 3 Things I Love
Family/Friends, David, Alpha Omicron Pi

5. My Best Friend(s)
David, Annika, Casey

6. Last Song I Listened To
Heaven by Julia Michaels

7. 3 Turn-Ons
Kindness, intelligence, confidence

8. 3 Turn-Offs
Dishonesty, lack of motivation, irresponsible

9. What Color Underwear I'm Wearing
Bright pink LOL

10. How Many Tattoos/Piercings Do I Have
I only have my ears pierced. I do want to get a small Gamma Sigma (Greek letters) tattoo. That was the chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi I was in.

11. The Reason I Started Blogging
I had a couple really bad blogs that I never really did anything with. Before my junior year of college, I had trouble getting a summer job, so I decided it was a perfect opportunity to finally create a blog that I was proud of. That's how this blog came to be!

12. How I Feel Right Now
Blessed. The word might be overused, but I feel so fortunate right now.

13. Something I Really, Really Want
I really want to produce creative, engaging, interesting content! Oh, and also a car.

14. My Current Relationship Status
Dating! David and I met in 2009 (if you want to hear that story, I can totally share that!) and started dating in high school! We've been dating since 2011.

15. Meaning Behind My URL
I can't remember if was taken or really expensive, but I ended up throwing my middle initial in there, so it became! Also, it worked well because most of my social media handles are @amandadalvarado anyway.

16. My Favorite Movie
This is a tough one... I guess it would have to be Pretty Woman!

17. My Favorite Song
Another tough question... right now, it's probably Wait by Maroon 5 ft. Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

18. My Favorite Band
Well... Jonas Brothers. But if we're talking about a band that currently makes music... Maroon 5!
19. 3 Things That Upset Me
Being late to places, rudeness, being taken for granted
20. 3 Things That Make Me Happy
Being appreciated, surprises, naps
21. What I Find Attractive In Other People
Intelligence, kindness, gratitude
22. Someone I Miss
23. Someone I Love
My Mom

24. My Relationship With My Parents
My parents are divorced, but I have a good relationship with them both. My mom and I are extremely close. She was 17 when she got pregnant with me and her and I have been through a lot togethers so we have a special bond. She's my hero.
25. My Favorite Holiday
26. My Closest Blogging Friend
I haven't quite made a blogging friend, yet. If you wanna be my first one, let's make it happen!
27. Someone Famous I’d Date
Nick Jonas. No questions asked. 
28. A Confession
I am a terrible singer, but desperately wish I could.
29. 3 Things That Annoy Me Easily
Clutter, messes, negativity
30. My Favorite Animal
31. My Pets
I have a dog named Lillie. She's our family dog and a Golden Retriever/Chow mix. David and I recently adopted an Australian Kelpie/Beagle mix that we named Leia.
32. One Thing I’ve Lied About
Saying "I'm okay" when I'm honestly falling apart. 
33. Something That’s Currently Worrying Me
My future and finances.
34. An Embarrassing Moment
I had just started at a new school in the 5th grade. We went on a field trip to an aviation museum and there was this really cool chair that I wanted to sit in, so I ran to it, but didn't realize it was behind glass. Yep, I ran smack right into the glass.

35. Where I Work
iHeartMedia! I do a lot of different things, but primarily digital content, social media, and on-air work!
36. Something That’s Constantly On My Mind
My weight. I struggle with it constantly.
37. 3 Habits I Have
Morning devotions using the First 5 app, drinking water in the morning, and getting in a quick workout in the morning!
38. My future goals
Personal - Marry David. Learn to love myself fully. If I have kids, I want 2. Get healthy! Travel!
Career - I would love to end up at iHeartMedia in New York or another big media company doing digital content, creative content, and/or on-air work! I don't know if I want to settle with a family in New York, so I would love to go to Nashville or come back to Atlanta after that, but do the same thing career-wise. Making being an influencer a full-time gig and working for myself would be great and is something I consider!
39. Something I Fantasize About
Traveling! I want to travel to SO MANY PLACES! New York, Las Vegas, Napa Valley, Hawaii, Alaska, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona.... shall I continue?
40. My Favorite Store
There are SO MANY GOOD ONES! Probably... Lulu's!
41. My Favorite Food
I am such a foodie, but I'd have to say my favorite food... pizza! I'm not talking like Pizza Hut or Dominos. I'm talking good pizza from somewhere like Fellini's, Rosa's, or Antico, local pizza joints in Atlanta. 
42. What I Did Yesterday
Went to work. My life is so exciting! Just kidding..
43. Something I’m Talented At
I always say that I have no talent, but I think my talents are media-related... writing, social media, being creative. I can't sing or play sports, but when it comes to broadcast media... I've impressed a lot of people and have been told I have a natural "talent."
44. My Idea of the Perfect Date
Ohhh... a good meal and quality time together!

45. My Celebrity Crush
Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas. My celeb crush since 2007.
46. My Favorite Blog
I LOVE Payton Sartain's blog, Hustle and Halcyon!
47. Number of Kids I Want
I'm not sure if I want kids, but if I do, I want 2. I've been told three times that I'm going to have a boy and girl.
48. Do I Smoke/Drink
I don't smoke, but I do drink occasionally! My drinks of choice are white wines, whiskey, and fruity cocktails!
49. One Word That Describes Me
50. My Favorite Quote
This is so hard because there are SO MANY GOOD ONES... I guess it would have to be, "She believed she could, so she did."

Now, it's YOUR turn! Tell me about you! Share 5 facts and your Twitter and/or Instagram! I love getting to know you.


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