How To Stay Motivated During Finals Week

I just graduated college back in December and while there are a few things I miss about being a college student (mainly being able to wear leggings and oversized sorority t-shirts 24/7 and seeing my friends every day), one thing that I definitely do not miss... FINALS.

Once I got into my major-related classes, I didn't really have finals. Because I studied journalism, I had a lot of projects due around the time of finals, but I didn't have actual final exams in the form of a test. Even though projects were way better than taking tests, finals week was always hell.

Even though I'm no longer a college student, when I look back at my college experience, it was definitely a period where I excelled. I was the first person in my family to go to college and that meant that I was completely on my own when it came to everything, even applying and researching universities to attend. I really learned how to be independent. I also got really involved and made so many new friends. I met my absolute best friends in college. College also marks the point in my life where I found my passion - all things media - and that led to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I grew so much in college and I refused to let those four years just go by without becoming a better person.

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So, back to finals! Finals week sucks and it is really easy to let the stress get to you. It is also really easy to push off projects and studying and do just about anything else. Staying motivated isn't easy, but here are a couple of ways that I stayed motivated and on track during finals week.

1. Start With Organization
I am super organized and the queen of planning. When something is out of place or I don't have a game-plan, I can't get anything done. I can't focus on anything except the mess, disorganization, lack of a plan. To get organized, I start by tackling any mess or anything that is distracting. To organize my plan of action for finals week, I get my planner (I use a DayDesigner) and write down everything! I schedule time to study, take breaks, nap... everything.

2. Get Moving
Sitting for hours at a time working on a project or studying takes a toll on you. Study breaks are so important and while napping, watching a show on Netflix, or grabbing a bite to eat with a friend makes for a good study break, it is important to also get your body moving. Go for a quick walk or do  some squats. 8fit has really great workouts. I've been using the app for a few months and I'm hooked.  The important thing is to just do something to get up and moving!

3. Set Goals For Finals Week
One thing you must know about me... I am a HUGE goal-setter! I have goals for pretty much every aspect of my life.
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Set goals for what grade you want, when you want to finish your projects, and even how many hours you want to study.

4. Bring Friends
Studying alone is great, but sometimes, you just need your pals! Host a little study party or head out to a local coffee shop! This makes studying more fun.

5. Take Breaks
Give yourself study breaks to look forward to! Yes, you should be active at some point during the day, but also include watching a YouTube video, checking Instagram, taking a quick nap, or grabbing some coffee as study breaks!

6. Get Enough Rest and Eat
I definitely stayed up late studying and getting work done in college, but I never pulled an all-nighter! All-nighters do not help you! Don't wait until the last minute to do a project or study or you might not have any choice but to stay up all night.
Finals week is stressful enough. Be sure to get enough sleep and eat proper meals. Fuel your body and you'll feel so much better.

Finals week sucks, I know! These are just a few ways to stay motivated during the most stressful time of the semester. What other tips do you have to share?

If you need study advice, my girl Olivia over at Virginia is for Prepsters has your study tips for finals week!


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