How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

Hey hey hey! Today, we’re talking about goals!

If you didn’t know, I made a goal-setting worksheet for you all! You can get it for free here.

I am such a goal-setter and for every goal I set, I always make a plan for how to achieve it. My goal-setting worksheet will help you not only get your goals written down, but also set a plan to achieve them! It’s my little freebie and thank you for being part of this little community.

A couple of goals that I have for the next year include getting promoted to a full-time position at my job, get more boss babes to join our little community here, vlog consistently, and get to a healthy weight! 

I know that creating goals for yourself can be easy, but taking the steps to achieve that goal takes a lot of work, effort, and drive. The feeling you get after you accomplish your goal is incredible, though! Am I right?

If you’ve ever lost sight of your goals or just felt unmotivated, you aren’t alone! I’ve totally been there! Losing weight for me has been a struggle, but here are some ways that I stay focused on my goals.

Write It Down
This is the very first thing I do when I want to accomplish a new goal. For me, it is so important to write that goal down somewhere I’ll see it! This is also the perfect time to create a vision board or something similar! When you are reminded of your goal, it helps. If you don’t know where to start, seriously go grab my goal-setting worksheet! It is totally free and a little gift from me for being part of my little fam.

Make A Plan
Create a timeline of all the smaller steps you need to take to accomplish your goal. For example, the weight-loss goal. I have a plan for my workouts, my diet, and even my mental health. Breaking the big goal into smaller parts makes a big goal seem much less daunting. You’ve also have to have a plan. You can’t have a goal without any idea of how to get there.

Make It A Routine
So, I’m a huge fan of routine. When the steps you’re taking to accomplish a goal become part of your routine, it makes reaching that goal so much easier. I’ve been loving the app Fabulous! It is all about habits and routine and will remind you when you need to do certain things! The app has changed my life and will probably change yours, too!

Remember Why You Want To Change
Whether your goal is to run 5 miles without feeling like you’re going to die or get promoted at your job, remember why you want to make a change. It is so important to be content at any place in your life, but it is also important to want to make changes and grow. Growth comes from being uncomfortable and putting yourself out there. 

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So tell me… what are three goals that you’re working towards right now? 

Oh, and if ya need an accountability partner for any of your goals, let me know! We can help each other.



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