My Self-Tanning Routine

Happy Friday! I turn 23 on Tuesday, so this weekend is not only Memorial Day weekend for me, but also my birthday weekend! 

Georgia finally got the warm weather memo, but honestly, we skipped spring and went to straight to summer. One week, it was still in the 40s and all of a sudden, it was 95 degrees.  Georgia has the craziest weather.

Warm weather means more time in the sun, which typically comes with tanner skin! I just bought a lounge chair so I can actually work on having a tan this year. It’s been a while since I’ve had a really good tan.

I’m Mexican, so I have somewhat of a natural tan, but I’m still pretty pale, especially my legs! My legs are so pale. The good thing about my skin is that I tan pretty fast, which is super nice. The bad thing is that I don’t really spend a whole lot of time in the sun on a daily basis.

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Over the past year, I’ve had a lot of trial and error with self-tanning, but I’ve finally found a good routine that works well for me. If you’re looking to start self-tanning, I’m going to share all my tips to get yourself some beautiful tan skin.

1. Okay, so I always shower before applying self-tanner! In the shower, I shave and exfoliate. It is so important to exfoliate before applying your self tanner so it doesn’t come out streaky and uneven. I love this one!

2. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do this, but I do it anyway. Before I apply self tanner, I moisturize! I usually use lotion that is the same scent as my body wash from Bath and Body Works. 

3. Now, it’s time to get that self-tanner on! Always, always, always use a tanning glove! When I first started using self-tanner, I just used my hands and it ended up being so streaky. The glove helps the self-tanner go on evenly. Also, apply the self-tanner in front of a mirror! This will help you make sure you cover all the areas. When you’ve applied it, wait for it to dry. It’s different for every self-tanner. I use this one by L'Oreal. 

I always self-tan at night after my shower and I wake up with a nice tan. Self-tanning really helps me to jump-start my summer tan and I think it’s better than soaking up too much sun, which always seems to happen.

Something that I want to try out is a spray tan! I’ve never gotten one before, but I want to try. Anything I should know before I get one?



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