My Perfect Night Routine

Oh happy Monday! I hope you don’t mind the break I took from blogging last week. It was much needed and I got so many great ideas and don’t worry, so much amazing content coming to you all soon. 

I am such a routine gal. I like to have a set schedule and routine for everything. Seriously. Like, if I could have my entire life planned out, I would. That’s not possible because life always changes, but that’s just how much I love a good routine. I'm sharing some of my favorite products right now and some of the links to them are affiliate links.

I love reading blog posts and watching videos where people share their routines and I know that might like be weird, but oh well. I love a good routine post and video any day. 

I have some set routines and habits that I do every single day and the app, Fabulous, really helped me establish some habits and routines. If you’re looking to start some daily habits, I totally recommend the app! It worked for me and it is SO motivation and customizable.

Not every day is identical, but with summer here, I’m going to share my perfect summer night routine with you all. I call it perfect because when I get to do all of these things, my heart and mind are happy. Yeah, I know I’m a bit crazy with routine. HAHA

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I’d say my night starts around 5:30pm when I get home from work. As soon as I get home, I put my stuff away and put on my silk robe that I am loving right now. I got it from Timeless Bridal Accessories when I was a bridesmaid for a wedding back in November. This robe cost me $15. Yep, $15. 

After I tidy up, it’s time to hit the shower. The products I’m currently using are OGX shampoo, Bath and Body Works body wash (currently $3!!!), Alba Acnedote for my face, and my Venus Swirl razor. I also oil-pull during my shower. Once I’m done, I put on some comfy clothes which is usually an old, oversized sorority t-shirt and Nike shorts. The products I use after I shower are Bath and Body Works lotions (currently $3!!!) and Babe Lash. I’ve got naturally short lashes and Babe Lash has changed the game. This product is incredible. 

After that, I typically eat dinner. I’m still living at home since I’m only working part-time (29 hours each week for those who have asked) and my mom has been super sweet and still cooks dinner for me most of the time. She’s quite the cook and I always help her clean up after dinner. 

By this time, it is around 7pm. I make myself cozy in bed and usually watch some YouTube videos or a show on Hulu or Netflix. This is the time at night that I really just relax and do nothing and honestly, I love it!

At 9pm, I get up and floss, brush my teeth, and use mouthwash. Gotta keep my teeth nice and healthy. I’ve been loving this charcoal toothpaste and it has totally whitened my teeth. 

After I clean my pearly whites (jk they aren’t that white), I check emails and social media one last time for the day, set my alarm, and plug it in to charge. Now, it is time to have a little quiet time. Quiet time is just what I call the time I spend reading my Bible and praying. Currently, I’m reading through the Lipstick Gospel Devotional, Lipstick Gospel Prayer Journal, and the book of Mark. I also journal during this time and really talk to God about anything and everything. This is my favorite way to really wind down and end my day. 

By 10pm, I’m all ready to get some sleep! 

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My perfect night routine. Again, life isn’t perfect and while I would like to tell you that every night is perfect, that’s not true. Sometimes, I forget to brush my teeth because I’m so tired and fall asleep early. Sometimes, I have something to do after work or work late. Sometimes, an emergency comes up. Sometimes, I get to have dinner with a friend last-minute. Life happens and even though I’m such a routine gal, I love that life happens. Sometimes, change hurts and it sucks, but luckily, I know that Jesus is in this with me. I’m not alone because He is with me and has given me such sweet family and friends to do life with.

Life happens, but there are so many blessings in life that I could’ve never imagined.



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