A Day In The Life: Working Concerts, Radio

I am finally going on a vacation! Okay, it is only a quick weekend trip, but still. I am so excited to have a day at the beach. My heart is so, so happy! What is something that is making you happy lately?

I’ve shared what days in my life look like as a gal working in media (specifically radio) and I’m giving you a little more insight today, but I’m sharing what a day looks like when I get to attend a concert or event for work! My everyday work schedule is pretty consistent, but when I get to go to an event or concert, that changes up my day just a bit. This industry is crazy, but in the best way possible.

The concert I was working was on a military base, which was really exciting for me. My brother is in the military, so whenever I get the opportunity to support our troops, I am all for it! The concert, featuring Thompson Square and Easton Corbin, was also in the evening, so I didn’t have to go into work until that afternoon.

I slept in just a bit – 7:30am instead of 6:30am. I woke up naturally and tried to go back to sleep, because it would be a long day, but my body was ready to get moving! I opened my blinds and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and start my morning skincare routine. I’ve only been doing this routine for like a week and my skin is already looking better than it has in years. I'll share my morning skincare routine on Thursday!

After I did all that, I went to the kitchen, slice some lemon and put it in a glass of water with Pink Himalayan salt. It is so important to hydrate in the morning and the lemon and Pink Himalayan salt is an added health bonus! Thanks Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential for the tip! I took that to my room, sat on my bed, and meditated for 10 minutes using the app Headspace. This is a must every single morning.

After meditated, I made my bed and started my workout. On Fridays, I just run a mile and then do about 15 minutes of lower body strength training. I keep my workouts pretty quick.

Usually, after this, I start getting ready, but because I had time before I had to leave, I went to the kitchen to make some breakfast! I made a green smoothie and veggie scramble. It was delicious! As I ate my breakfast, I worked on some things for work and the blog while I watched The Kardashians. Anyone else love that show?

A few hours later, I got ready, packed up my bag, and ate a quick lunch. I had leftover shrimp, vegetables, and rice from the night before. Yum! I started my hour and half commute to work and listened to Don’t Blame Me podcast by Meghan Rienks. She is HILARIOUS. Oh, and of course I stopped by Starbucks for two shots of espresso over ice. I needed some caffeine!

When I got to work, I did some preparation for the concert and did some on-air work. That took up a good chunk of time before the concert. Before I knew it, it was time to head over to the base.
At the base, I set up our tent and put out all the t-shirts and tickets to give away to people who came up and said hey! Everyone was so nice. I love getting to connect with our listeners! It’s the best thing ever. I took lots of pictures and videos. I also got to meet Easton Corbin! He was so nice! I missed Thompson Square’s meet and greet, but their performance was awesome!

By the time I packed up and got back to the station, it was about 9pm. I was so hungry, so I stopped by Chick-fil-a for a small, late-night dinner. I got home around 11pm and was in bed by midnight. I slept so good and either turned my alarm off in my sleep or it just didn’t go off because I woke up at 10am Saturday morning with 30 minutes to get ready and come back to work for another event!
There’s an example of busier day in my life! Anyone else have super busy days, but your job makes it totally worth it? What do you do? Comment below!



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