5 Things You Have To Do Before Summer Ends

Anyone else can’t believe that August is already almost over? Let me tell you a little secret…

I can’t wait for fall and am so ready for summer to be over. I love cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and college football, so fall can’t come fast enough. 

Fall is my favorite season and if it could be fall all year long, I don’t think I’d mind one bit! Even though I am crazy about fall, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy summer. I enjoy the warm weather, barbecues, pool parties, and everything that screams summer, but I just want it to last like a month and I’m good. 

When I realized that August was already pretty much like coming to an end, I realized that I still had some things to do before fall gets here. Georgia will stay hot for a while, but it’ll fly by! I made a list of some things I want to do before summer ends and I’m sharing it with you because I know I’m not alone. I know summer has totally slipped by for many of us. Here’s how you can make the most of what’s left of summer!

Enjoy a weekend on the water
I love the beach and I feel like a beach trip is a necessity for every summer. I haven’t made that trip yet, but I’m planning on spending a weekend on the water somewhere, whether that’s the beach or the lake. You can’t spend a summer without sometime near the water. There is something about it that is just so good for the soul.

Watch the sunset 
With warm weather, you’ve just got to get outside. I love evenings and sometimes, I’ll just sit on my porch and watch the cars drive by. There is something so peaceful about being outside in the evenings. I love a good sunset and summer sunsets are so beautiful. 

Go to the farmer’s market
I don’t do this enough. I haven’t done this in FOREVER! Fresh summer fruits and vegetables are great and farmer’s markets are so cool! Stop by your local farmer’s market for some of the best produce you’ll probably ever have.

Have a picnic
You can totally do the traditional sandwiches, but I love grabbing a good bottle of wine (just make sure you go somewhere that allows alcohol! I’m not against having a picnic in my own backyard), putting a good meat and cheese plate together with some grapes, and it makes me feel super fancy. 

Enjoy brunch on a patio
Atlanta has so many good brunch spots and so many of these places have beautiful patios, but if you can’t get to a brunch spot, invite your friends over and do brunch at home! You can make a cute DIY mimosa bar and create a fun brunch menu or even make it a potluck brunch! 

Soak in the last few weeks of summer left! Like I said, I can’t wait for fall, but I know that I’ll miss summer when its gone. 

How are you celebrating summer before it ends?


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