How I Get Clear Skin, Evening Skincare Routine

Yes, another skincare post!

Skincare has always been something that I've been so interested in. I've tried so many products and there have been a lot of hits... and even more misses. I've made my skin much more of a priority over the past few months and I've found some holy grail products that have worked wonders on my skin. This post does contain a few affiliate links.

I don't know about you, but when my skin looks good, I feel like I can conquer the world. Seriously. Remember in high school when you'd get a breakout on prom night or picture day? Didn't that suck? Even today, if I've got a breakout, I don't feel very pretty. I've been battling hormonal acne for a few years, and I've finally found a routine that is clearing up my skin.

My skin has also cleared up because I got a facial and I'm definitely going for another soon! I got my first facial just a couple of weeks ago and it really helped my skin, so if you're on the fence about getting a facial... just go.

If you missed it, I wrote all about my current morning skincare routine and now, I'm so excited to share how I've been taking care of my skin in the evenings.

I guess my skincare routine at night starts right before I shower. I take a small...and I mean small, amount of coconut oil and rub it on my face to help get my makeup off. Coconut oil is great, but you really only need a tiny amount. After that, I hop in the shower and wash my face with African Black Soap, but if my skin is really breaking out, I'll use my Clarisonic before I hop in the shower. I've been using the one from Shea Moisture and I've also noticed a difference since I've started using it. I've also been using this Alba Botanica exfoliating scrub a few times each week.

Once I'm out of the shower, I put some castor oil under my eyes. I heard somewhere that this was good for dark circles, wrinkles, and bags under your eyes, so I've been doing this for a while. I also use this Coconut Probiotic Moisturizer from Pacifica. This smells SO good! I also do a quick spray of this toner from Eminence. This isn't really skincare, but I also use BabeLash on my lashes! This stuff works so well.

As you probably know, I love my routines and I never ever skip my skincare routine. Even if I'm sick and do nothing all day, I don't miss my skincare!

What is a skincare product that you swear by?


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