Keeping Your Long-Distance Friendship

What I miss most about college is being around friends all the time! I lived in my sorority house most of college, so there was always something to do and someone to hang out with. 

I love my life now. I enjoy my job and focusing on the blog, but I definitely miss being around my friends all the time. Getting pizza at midnight, hanging out at the Starbucks on campus, or walking through Target for an hour are things I actually miss now that I’m out of college.

You don’t realize, or at least I didn’t, that so many people move away after college. I moved about an hour away from most of my friends, but some people have moved out of state. It can be tough to go from seeing your friends every day to maybe once a couple months. 

One of best friends is moving to another city for a job. I’m so proud of her, but I’m so sad at the same time. This girl has been my rock and has seen me at my worst. She knows everything about me and has encouraged me more times than I can count. Getting used to not seeing her as often as I do now is going to take some getting used to.

Can you relate?

I feel like long distance friendships are kind of like long distance relationships. You’ve definitely got to put in some work to make sure you don’t drift apart. When you find solid friends that vibe with you well, you definitely don’t want to lose that. 

There’s a few things that you can do to make you feel a little closer to your best friends when you can’t see them often. 

Make FaceTime dates! I do this with David, too! Set a time each week to catch up and talk. Maybe you both sit down and pour yourselves a glass of wine and spill everything that’s happened that week. I love girl’s nights and when you can’t do it in-person, you can always do it via FaceTime! 

Have a favorite show you can’t miss? Make plans to watch it together (but like… at your own homes) and talk about it during or after! 

Use social media! Tag them in funny videos on Facebook, DM them funny tweets, tag them in their celeb’s crush’s Insta photo (feel free to tag me in anything about Nick Jonas), and send them Snapchats of everything like Target runs, your cooking fails, and more glimpses of your day-to-day life. 

Make plans to see each other! Whether that means meeting halfway for lunch or planning trips to visit each other’s cities, this is so much fun! I love showing my friends around my city. I feel like I’m a pretty cool tour guide. What’s better than exploring a new city with your BFF?

Yeah, it sucks when you and your best friends don’t live near each other, but that doesn’t mean that your friendship is over! It’ll just take a little more intention. With that said, I’m gonna FaceTime my BFF!


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