Labor Day By The Ocean With Lots Of Country Music

Thursdays are great because it is the day before Friday, which kicks off the weekend, but isn't Friday, so there's still some anticipation about what's to come. My weekends typically include lots of rest and a little adventure like finding a new pizza spot or walking along the Beltline. I haven't gone on a vacation in over a year. The time just hasn't been right and money has been pretty tight lately, so I've stuck to little staycations if you will.

Staycations and having adventures in your city is great, but I've been craving a vacation. I've been wanting to be at the beach so badly. I've been dreaming of the sand between my toes and talking to Jesus while sitting on the beach. The beach is where I feel at peace and where my soul feels absolutely refreshed.

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I got to opportunity to attend Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam over Labor Day weekend and when I got word that I was going to Panama City Beach, my heart was so happy. I had been praying for a vacation and it was happening! I documented that whole weekend on my Instagram, but if you aren't following me there, I'd love for you to follow and then hit my DMs and say hey! 

Friday morning, David and I got up early and headed to PCB! We stopped for breakfast at Chick-fil-a and made it to PCB around 1pm. When we got there, we checked into our beautiful condo at Shores of Panama. This place is beautiful! They've got tiki bars, a huge outdoor pool, a spa, and it is right on the beach! 

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After we checked in and unloaded all our stuff, we went across the street to Walmart to grab a few groceries and then spent some time at the beach! The second my feet hit the sand, I knew that these few days were going to be great. Before heading to the first day of Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam, David and I grabbed a bite to eat next door at Pineapple Willy's! I had the catch of the day BLT, which is your typical BLT with grilled fish... delicious!

Because it had been raining, it was a little muddy when we got to the park for Gulf Coast Jam, but it didn't stop us (and everyone else) from having a good time! Florida Georgia Line closed out the night and definitely didn't disappoint.

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Saturday morning, we got up and spent a few hours at the beach and pool! I didn't want to deal with the dinner rush, so before we went to Gulf Coast Jam, David and I ordered take out from Bayou on the Beach. We got so much food - baked oysters (my fave), fried green tomatoes, beignets, and David ordered shrimp and gator tail while I got their seafood muffaletta without the olive tapenade. This food was DELICIOUS!

On Sunday, we went to the beach and pool again, because I mean... why not? I had not been swimming at all this year, so I wasn't going to miss my opportunity. I knew that I was going to need a little boost of caffeine, so I stopped by the coffee shop at our resort for an iced vanilla latte. Honestly, it was probably the best latte I've ever had. We ended up just eating leftovers before we went to the final day of Gulf Coast Jam. Dustin Lynch and Thomas Rhett were my favorite performers of the night! 

Monday morning, we packed everything up and headed home. Before hitting the road, we stopped at Another Broken Egg cafe for a nice Labor Day brunch. We've got one in Atlanta, but it is so good, I couldn't pass it up! David ordered the Louisiana crawfish skillet and I ordered the lobster and brie omelette. We also grabbed a pizza from Shore Shack for dinner later once we got home. That pizza was delicious! As you can tell, we're total foodies! Haha

It was such an incredible trip! I'm usually not a big summer music festival gal because it is usually so hot, but I was so surprised that the weather was so nice. Panama City Beach is beautiful and I'm definitely looking forward to being back, soon!

I mentioned earlier that the ocean is somewhere where I feel the most refreshed. Where's that place for you?


P.S. I also wrote about the trip on 96.5 The Bull!

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