3 Ways To Prioritize Your Life

Let's talk about getting our lives together, shall we?

Because so much of my work requires me to be on social media, the new screen time feature on my iPhone doesn't really surprise me, but when I estimate how much of my screen time is not from working and instead aimlessly scrolling for hours through Instagram, it makes me think about how much time I waste every single day.

I am pretty good at time management, but if I were to tell you I was perfect at it, that would be lie. If I were to tell you that I don't have an issue when it comes to scrolling through Instagram and wasting time, that would also be a lie. Phones aren't bad. Social media isn't bad. Spending some time liking pictures on your Instagram feed isn't even bad, but when it affects how you spend your time and how you manage your time, that's where the issues lie.

I've recently started to be intentional with how I spend my time. I wake up a little earlier every morning so that I have no excuse to skip my workout or miss my quiet time. I put my phone away when I'm doing work that doesn't require me to be on my phone. When I do want to spend some on Instagram, I set a limit and stick to it. I put my phone away at dinner and on date nights with David.

Like I said before, I'm not perfect, but I'm intentionally setting up some rules and boundaries for how I spend my time. Prioritization is really important, especially on days when my to-do list seems endless. When I have a long list of things that need to get done and I finally cross off that last item, that feeling is incredibly fulfilling!

If you need some help with this, I'm going to share five ways that I've been able to prioritize my life so that I can be productive and actually have time to rest. Sounds great, right? It isn't hard! It just takes a little planning and preparation.

Utilize your calendar. My calendar is color-coded and every day is scheduled. It might sound crazy, but this is so helpful, especially for everything going on here and on Fridays when I work from home!

Find out what you're passionate about and make time for that. What makes your heart happy? What leaves you feeling fulfilled? Make time for that. Make your passion a priority in your life. We all need it.

Focus on learning new things. We're never too old to learn and you should learn like you're going to live forever. Maybe it is a new skill, a hobby, or something new that you never thought you would do. Learn something and never stop.

How to you keep everything in your life prioritized well? What tips do you have?


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