I Took Myself On A Date To Ponce City Market

Here's what I learned... take yourself on dates.

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Isn't this like the coolest Halloween sweatshirt? I got from HelloHandpressed!

Last Saturday, David had to work and found out last minute, so instead of watching Netflix for hours at his place, I decided to take myself out on a little date. The location? Ponce City Market.

Before I tell you all about this little date I took myself on, I'm going to quickly tell you what happened when I left. Long story short, I had some car trouble a few weeks ago and thankfully, my dad was able to fix it. I picked it up from my dad's a few days before going to PCM and as I was leaving, it started acting up again. I had to take it back to my dad's, where it is right now. I am so grateful that my dad has been so willing to help me in this "transition" stage of my life. I am working so hard to kick start my career, and I am trying to wake up and start every day with gratitude, but I know you understand that when things are tough in life, it can be hard. The issues happening recently with my car have been a really big stress factor in my life and it is one of the places in my life that God is making me trust Him. Lately, my anxiety has also been through the roof. Sleeping has been hard. I have been so exhausted physically and mentally, despite getting plenty of sleep. Anxiety is real. I trust and know that God is working, but that does not mean that anxiety isn't present in my life. With all that being said, I'm about to share this really great day I had, but I also want you to know that I will also share the moments in my life that are hard; the moments that I wouldn't include in my "highlight reel."

What are you going through right now? No matter what it is, you know what? We're in this together. Whatever you're struggling with right now, you have support. If you need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open. If you feel like you might need the help of a professional, there are countless resources for you. You will be okay. Everything will be okay.

Not sure how to really transition from that, but I felt like I needed to share that with you. I needed to share a part of my "not-so-highlight reel" and maybe you can relate to it.

Well, let's get into my little PCM date. If you're making an Atlanta trip, you definitely need to make a stop here.

Prior to my little date with myself, I had been to PCM once with my friend Macie, but it was a while ago and so much at PCM has changed so much since then and I wanted to grab some coffee and just walk around the little shops.

Saturdays are pretty busy, but it wasn't insanely busy when I pulled in around 1 p.m. and parking was pretty easy to find! My first stop at PCM... Dancing Goats Coffee. This spot is so cute and there were like three people in the entire place which was nice. I got my go-to coffee drink, an iced vanilla latte.

After sipping on my coffee, I headed to Anthropologie. Anthropologie is a VIBE. I mean, I just want my entire home to look like an Anthropologie store. I walked out empty-handed because of my extreme self-control not to spend money (and lack of cash haha).

I also stopped at West Elm, Alex & Ani, Archer Paper Goods, Citizen Supply, Madewell, Sephora, Williams Sonoma, and Modern Mystic.

Modern Mystic was my last stop and it was a pretty cool. I bought a few different crystals for David and I.

Amethyst promotes calm, balance, and peace. Rainbow moonstone guides and protects travelers, which is great with how much I drive. It also balances hormonal system and relieves emotional eating habits, which is something that comes up occasionally. Mookaite increases self confidence, self worth, and helps with realizing your full potential. Red calcite increases energy and the willingness to experience life.

Before I left, I had to stop by this cute little pumpkin patch that was just so cute. I mean, I don't think it gets more fall than that! A cute little pumpkin patch in the city just the coolest thing.

Spending a couple hours by myself and exploring this cute little spot in Atlanta was so much fun and I'll definitely do it again. If you've never taken a solo date, do it. Treat yourself. Explore a cute spot in your town. Treat yourself to dinner and wine at your favorite local restaurant. Take yourself to the spa. Just do something for you. Spend some time with yourself!

Have you ever taken yourself on a date?


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