The Perfect Little Fall Day In North Georgia

I love so many things about Georgia. The mountains are probably at the top of that favorite things list.

David and I have a monthly date night, that one we're married and live together, we hope to make it more of a frequent thing. Each month, we take turns planning a date to go on and it's so much fun! Sometimes, we stay in and do dinner and a movie and other times, we go out. It's great to take turns planning fun little dates! November was my month and I chose to take a little trip to Ellijay.

I'd like to mention that on this trip, I was really living in the moment and didn't take a single photo. That's right... not a single photo. Oops. The photo that I included here is from when my family and I took a day trip to Amicalola Falls about a year ago.

I did a project on Ellijay when I was in the fourth grade, but I haven't been there since, so I had to do a little Google search to find out what we should do. I came across Chateau Meichtry and Reece Orchards.

On Saturday, we got to Chateau Meichtry around 1:30 p.m. and the place was packed, but it was such a great experience. We went up to the bar area and got served pretty quickly. We tasted a few wines, my favorite being the Vidal Blanc. They even had two Christmas wines - a red and a white - that we tried because we're festive! Haha.

I packed us a lunch with salami, cheese, grapes, and freshly baked bread that we enjoyed after our little wine tasting. David actually walked out with a bottle of wine. We haven't really been into wine, but this experience changed the game. We learned a lot about different wines and pairings, so not only was it a fun little date, but a really cool, educational experience for us! This place is so beautiful, too!

After we left Chateau Meichtry, David and I went to Reece Orchards! It's not apple picking season, but we stopped by their little market and they had so many freshly baked goods, apples from their orchard, and even local drinks like muscadine cider! David walked out with a bag of barbecue pork rinds because we live in the south and that's just what you do.

This was definitely the perfect time to take a little trip to the mountains here in Georgia. The leaves are perfect and changing colors, the weather is cool, and the whole trip was filled with beautiful scenery. It doesn't really get much better than that.

Have you taken any little day trips lately? What are some of your favorite locations around you?



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