Today, I'm Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving!

My family and I had our Thanksgiving on Saturday while my brother was home, but we're still doing some stuff today. My mom cooked a small Thanksgiving dinner, but we are not having anyone over today. I'm going to head over to family friend's for a little while and then go to David's to spend time with him and his family!

Also, I'm going Black Friday shopping later tonight! I might actually finish up my Christmas shopping! I don't have too much more to buy. After that, my family and I always stop by Truett's Grill for their breakfast buffet! There's nothing like unlimited Chick-fil-a nuggets at 2 a.m.

If you've followed along over the year, you know that 2018 has had its challenges, but it has also had so many blessings. I have been writing down ten things that I'm grateful for every single day and let me tell you... when you do that, talk about a better mindset. Gratitude changes everything and it is so important to start every single day with gratitude.

Today, there are so many reasons I'm thankful.

I am loved by wonderful family and friends. David is incredibly sweet to me. I am able to pay my bills. I love my job. I love this little blog and that you've stopped by. I'm thankful for that delicious slice of pecan pie I'm going to eat. My nephew, Bentley, adores me. I have clean water. I am healthy. I am surrounded by the a wonderful support system. I got plenty of sleep yesterday. I am able to be with my loved ones today.

What are you thankful for today? Feel free to use these two templates for an Instagram story or post! Tag me so I can see it and give it a like!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!


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