What's On My Christmas List This Year

The holiday season is here and I am thriving.

My Christmas tree is up at work, my house is decorated, I'm watching Hallmark and Netflix Christmas movies nonstop, and I've got my favorite Christmas music playlists ready to go at all times!

I've always really loved this time of the year. I love cold weather, warm drinks, being bundled up in big sweaters, booties, giving gifts, and being surrounded by family and friends. I realized when making this list just how making "adult" things are in this list. I mean... books, face wash, pillows, and a french press are on this list. I guess this is adulthood.

Here's what is currently on my Christmas list! I've linked (there are a few affiliate links) everything so you can ask (or buy it!) for yourself or buy it for someone you know.

My pillows on my bed are TERRIBLE. Seriously, awful. This is the thing I am most excited about. No, I'm not joking. 

This stuff saved my skin. It was recommended to me when I got a facial a few months ago. My skin has totally changed since using this. It is totally worth the money.

This is my favorite dry shampoo and it won't break the bank. A little goes a long way! 

Okay, I know I said I'm most excited about the pillows, but this is the runner up. Everyone I work with have some Airpods and now, I want some, too.

Callie Dauler recommended this on her Instagram story a while back and I pretty much buy everything she talks about. I still have the basic band that came with my Apple Watch, but I need a new one that looks a little nicer.

Girl, Wash Your Face was incredible, so of course, this is on my list.

This is another holy grail skincare product. I love this!

Everything Lush sells is incredible. Bath bombs, bubble bars, everything!

Are we surprised this is on the list? I love coffee and this one is so, so cute!

You really can't go wrong with these! I have a few and love each one.

I've heard great reviews about this book, so I want to to read it myself!

As someone who is a perfectionist, I think I need this book. Have you read it?

Tim Ferriss is the MAN and I've also heard so many good things about this book. 

What are some things you're asking for this year? Anything from this list?

Happy holidays! It's the best time of the year!



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