3 Simple Ways To Make The Most Out Of Any Trip

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I have never been out of the country. Well, actually I have, but I was like two and I don't remember it. My parents and I went to Mexico to visit my dad's family. I'm 23-years-old now, so I am itching to get outside of the U.S. for a vacation!

If you are taking a trip overseas, the chances are you want to see plenty of bang for your buck. My budget is also super tight, so I get it. Venturing abroad is never cheap, so you want to see your money stretch. How you measure the success of a trip depends on what is most important to you. Do you want to cover as much ground as possible? Do you want to immerse yourself in culture and meet new people? Or do you simply want to switch off and relax in the sun? Take a look at this simple guide detailing the best ways you can make the most out of any trip.

Covering Ground
If you want to squeeze as much as you can into your travels and you love a multi-stop tour, you have a variety of options. Self guided tours are often the cheapest and most flexible way to cover ground. You don’t have to feel tied into a group, you can hot foot it to wherever you want rather than having to stick to a strict itinerary. It’s easy to complete a tour without the extortionate cost of a physical guide.

Be wary when trying to cover so much ground, that you don’t do too much of a whistle stop tour. Going too fast means that you will never spend long enough in any destination. You won’t have time to experience the culture, the people, the cuisine or soak up the atmosphere of a place. Traveling isn't a tick box exercise and should be enjoyed at a slower pace. However, if you are keen to cover a lot of ground, why not consider a cheap cruise. This is a novel way to travel, and you’ll hit many different countries on your trip.

Go Off Season
Depending on where you are planning on visiting, it’s always a good idea to plan to visit off season. You’d be amazed at how busy the most amazing tourist hotspots get during peak times. Screaming kids, school groups and long queues can really take away from the awe and wonder of a historical site or monument. Going when it’s quieter will always be cheaper and it will be more enjoyable. You’ll be able to explore at your own pace, with a bit more peace and quiet, and without fear of taking too long or having to move on.

The only downside to traveling off season is that some sites may not be open or accessible. However, those that are will be all the more impressive.

Meet People
There’s nothing better when you are traveling than meeting the people who live in a destination. If you can brush up a little on your language skills and learn a bit of the lingo, you’d be surprised just how appreciative people are if you can converse with them on a more meaningful level. They’ll value the effort you have made and will be more inclined to reveal the authentic vibe of a place. Talk to people, spend some time immersing yourself in a culture and follow the locals.

Heading overseas for a trip of a lifetime, an annual vacation or a sabbatical abroad should be life affirming, so it’s crucial that you are able to make the most of your trip.


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