5 Cocktails To Order At A Bar

I'm not a big drinker, but I do love the occasional drink.

I didn't really drink until I turned 21 and it took a couple drink orders to figure out what exactly I liked. I learned that I'll take a good whiskey or bourbon over vodka any day... unless I'm in the mood for a vodka water or cosmo It also took a couple times going out and sharing a margarita pitcher to learn that I think tequila is disgusting.

I love a good drink when I'm out with friends or on a date with David. It's nice to have something to sip on, you know? I'm picky with when it comes to alcohol. If I'm paying for a pricey drink, I need to like it.

Ever walk up to a bar and completely blank on what you want? I have! Here's five cocktails to order a bar. These just to happen to be my favorites!

This is a classic. Thanks to Sex and the City, I tried this once and I felt pretty classy drinking it. It's simple and is a staple drink among us women.

Jack & Coke
Jack Daniels is one of my favorite whiskeys and this is my go-to! I'll usually only get one just because I feel bad drinking all that sugar in the soda, but it is my favorite. It's a southern classic.

Vodka Water
This is great if you're going to have more than one. I always get mine with Tito's and squeeze some lime juice into it. I was hesitant to try it, but randomly ordered it at a dive bar once and really liked it. If I'm going out, I'll grab a Jack and Coke and then a vodka water.

I'll take a classic daiquiri over one of those frozen ones any day of the week. Rum is my second favorite type of alcohol and if I've got friends ordering margaritas, I'll usually go with a daiquiri because it is similar, but in my opinion, tastes so much better. I don't like tequila... sorry!

Kentucky/Irish Mule
You've probably heard of a Moscow Mule, but swap the vodka for whiskey and you've got yourself a Kentucky/Irish Mule. The name varies depending on where you order it, but it is so good!

These cocktails are simple and pretty much staple cocktails that you can order at any bar. I know I was super overwhelmed the first time I ordered at a bar, so if you ever feel the same way, these five cocktails should give you a good starting point!

What's your favorite cocktail?


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