5 Things To Do This Spring

Warmer weather means some new adventures!

I love cold weather, but the warmth that spring has brought has been great.. except for all the pollen that we get here in Atlanta. The pollen kicks my butt and I've tried all the natural remedies, but the only thing that gives me any relief is an Allegra. Thankfully, it has been raining so much here and hopefully that helps wash away some of this pollen.

There are always things I look forward to doing once the weather warms up. You probably know that I love the cold weather. I love sweaters, bonfires, and really all the fun things you think of when you think of cool weather. I do enjoy the warmer weather for like a month or two. It allows me to get a little tan (even though I do my best to stay out of the sun), enjoy some time by the pool, and not have to bundle up before walking out the door.

Warmer weather means that we get to do things that we wouldn't necessarily get to do when its cold.

Go on a weekend road trip.
I love a little road trip! Some of my favorite spots that aren't too far from Atlanta are Blue Ridge, Chattanooga, Nashville, Savannah, and Tybee Island! Places I'm dying to explore are Charlotte, Charleston, Birmingham, and Jacksonville! Weekend road trips are fun. Pack a small bag, grab some road trip snacks, and put on a great Spotify playlist or podcast and you're ready for a fun little vacay!

Check out a local festival
We have all kinds of festivals and bar crawls here in Atlanta. Facebook is a great resource to use to figure out what is going on in your area! These are fun and weather it is a wine festival or a music festival, you're sure to have some fun.

Go swimming. 
I mean, you can't enjoy the warm weather and never step foot in a pool, jump in the lake, or swim in the ocean. You have to go swimming. I absolutely love the water. My dream is to own a home on the beach to run to when I need a break. Go swimming before the winter gets cool again.

Go to a baseball game.
I love a good Braves game. I need a cold drink and I want to go in the evening when it is not insanely hot. Baseball games are fun and tickets are never too pricey. It's fun and super laid back! It also happens to be one of the sports that I know the most about thanks to my younger brother playing so that's probably why I find it fun.

Hang out at a rooftop bar.
Need a cute picture for Instagram? Go to a rooftop bar! Take in the view of your city and enjoy a drink over good conversations. Rooftop bars are great and a fun weekend activity. Put on a super cute sun dress, find a nice bar, grab a drink (my choice is always a whiskey or bourbon cocktail or vodka water!) and enjoy the view! Cheers.

The weather will cool down before you know it, so be sure to get in these fun activities before we're back to bundling up in sweaters again.

Before you go, tell me... favorite road trip destination or rooftop bar near you? Comment below!


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