Mindful Planner

Did you know there is a planner that is all about intention and helps you be mindful and productive?

See all that cinnamon in my coffee? If you haven't done cinnamon in your coffee yet.. you are missing out!

I love a good planner. I've been using a planner since elementary school and even though I am no longer in school, I still use a planner and the calendar on my phone. It helps me stay on track and get things done each day. There is no way that I can keep everything straight without writing it down, so planners are a lifesaver.

My friend Sarah, the awesome lady behind the Mindful Productivity blog, podcast, courses, and shop, sent me the Mindful Productivity Planner and I've been using it for a few months now. It is a planner that was designed with reality in mind and I love that because things change. Some days I'm just resting, so the need to use my planner really isn't there. Life happens and maybe you'll go a week or two without touching it. You don't want to feel like you've just wasted another planner.

The Mindful Productivity Planner is an undated planner that will guide you toward planning with intention on your terms. This planner allows you to work through your schedule as life ebbs and flows. It really is incredible. It also has monthly sections to see your month at a glance, reflection and intention setting, bucket lists, habit tracking, and success lists. The rest of the planner is devoted to your weekly planning where you have your days listed to plan everything out, notes, a to-do list, and sections for your intention, big focus, what went well, and what to learn from for the week. There are also uplighting and motivating quotes scattered throughout the planner. Who doesn't love a little boost of motivation?

If you're in need of planner, seriously go check out Sarah's Mindful Productivity Planner. It really is so great and you can mark it up and just make it your own. I keep my entire life in my planner if I'm being honest.

Okay, so do you have a planner or do you use your phone? Or... both like me??


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