Why You Need Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Yes, you need blue-light blocking glasses! *contains affiliate links*

My job requires hours of looking at a computer screen and then I'm checking my phone throughout the day, watching Vanderpump Rules or KUWTK before bed, so the amount of blue-light that I am exposed to is crazy.

A lot of the blue-light we are exposed to comes from the sun and it actually helps regulate our circadian rhythm. Blue-light is a high energy light and according to Medium, "High energy light is crucial to everyday life. We get high energy visible light from the sun, and it helps us regulate our sleeping patterns. During the daytime, the light that comes into our eyes releases enzymes in the morning, bringing melatonin levels down and helping us wake up. A consistent cycle of rest and wake, regulated by melatonin, comprises our circadian rhythm."

The problem that arises with blue-light is the amount of artificial blue-light we get from screen-time - computer screens, phone screens, and television screens. If you spend quite a bit of time working on a computer, you've probably had a headache due to the eye-strain.

I don't wear blue-light blocking all day. During the day, I go by that 20-20-20 rule when I'm looking at a screen. Every 20 minutes I'm looking at a screen, I'll look away at something roughly 20 feet away for 20 seconds. I'm one of a few people I know that don't need glasses, so I'm trying to preserve my vision for as long as I can! This is a really simple way to protect your eyes.

My phone is also set to automatically shift to night mode at 6 p.m. I read somewhere that artificial blue-light should be limited roughly four hours before bedtime. I've been doing this since Apple rolled out the night mode and it has really helped me fall asleep better.

A few weeks ago, I decided to get some blue-light blocking glasses because I still love to watch some Vanderpump Rules or Good Trouble before bed! When I get home from work, after I shower, I put these glasses on and wear them until I go to bed.

What do you think about blue-light blocking glasses? Do you wear them?


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