Atlanta Restaurants I Can't Wait To Try

Atlanta has some of the best food, am I right?

Atlanta has some of the best food. I mean with Fellini's, Sublime, The Vortex, Front Page News and so many more, the food options in this city are endless. You can really find whatever you want around here.

With all the good food choices around here, going to every single place is like impossible and it seems like a new place is opening every day with raving reviews. I've been eyeing a couple places lately that I am just dying to eat at. Here are some Atlanta restaurants that I can't wait to try! Wanna join me?

Black Sheep Tavern
This place is owned by Meghan, of the Nutrition Addiction, and her husband! Black Sheep is on Edgewood Avenue and they have charbroiled oysters. I refuse to eat raw oysters, but I love baked... so I really want to try some charbroiled oysters from this place. The rest of the menu also just looks so freakin' good.

I've been eyeing this place since they announced that they were opening and when I go I'll probably have like 10 different tapas in front of me. Don't judge. I want to try it all! They also have a horchata cocktail that I have to get a taste of. I'm Mexican and horchata is my weakness. If you've never had it, you are missing out!

This place has been around for a while and it is a shame that I haven't been yet. You know that pizza is my favorite food and Antico is rated pretty highly, so I just need to eat here. There really is no excuse why I have not been yet. If you've been, what is your favorite pizza to get?

Slutty Vegan
I love the Beyond Burger! It is a delicious substitute for anyone who doesn't eat meat. Slutty Vegan started as a food truck, but now they have a location and I need to go. David, who has always been skeptical when I've cooked myself a Beyond Burger, is dying to try it. My Beyond Burger isn't good enough for him, but their's is... okay. Haha.

Are there other restaurants around here that I need to try? Tell me all your favorite places!


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