How To Look Fab When You Wake Up Late

We've all been there, you stayed up way past your bedtime and now your beauty is suffering the consequences of your late night.

I need to be in bed my 9 p.m. and asleep by 10 p.m. to make my 6:30 a.m. wakeup call. I need my sleep and I need my morning routine. I need to meditate, read, write out my goals, get some light, movement, and hydration before I even start getting ready for my day. I need my morning routine and if you need to get a handle on your mornings, I got you! Get my guide to Mapping Out Your Morning Routine!

We've all been there though. You know, when you stay up too late and now you have like 15 minutes to look like a human. You've more than likely hit the snooze button a few times and failed to drag yourself out of bed, then when you eventually rise, a quick glance in the mirror and you see frightful hair emulating bird nest qualities and some dark, unsightly circles resting beneath your puffy eyes. It's the moment where your heart begins to thud, and you wonder how to get your life together in 15 minutes flat to make it in time for your important meeting, work, whatever! You need to get going, you need to look fab, you're going to have to cut some corners, but it's doable, here's how.
Expressive Clothing
On occasion, we might let our hair and makeup do the talking, but for a quick fix on a rushed morning opt for some colorful clothing, to brighten up your look instantly. Grab items of clothing that won't require ironing to save you some time, such as your mountain mamas top you have hanging up, and add some layers, such as your denim jacket. Once your outfit has been decided, you can move onto some minimal makeup.
Your Face
A splash of cold water to clean and tighten up your pores, followed by a smidge of tinted moisturizer, to keep your skin hydrated, protected, to even your skin tone and reduce the appearance of redness, BB cream is your savior in more ways than one. BB cream is perfect for a quick fix, that looks effortless and natural as if you not wearing any makeup at all. If you don't have time for much more makeup, always commit to eyebrows and lashes at the very least. Curl your lashes to open up your eyes, add a splash of mascara, brush your brows and fill in with pencil to add some structure to your face. Put some lip balm in your bag to apply on the way to your meeting/work/event.
When there's no time to wash your hair, a bit of hair shampoo massaged into your locks and brushed out can cover a multitude of greasy sins and add some oomph to otherwise flat hair. For a quick fix hairstyle, a top knot bun works well to enhance a chic, edgy look. Or if you're really in a hurry leave your tresses to cascade over your shoulders.

Sometimes there's no time for a full makeover each day where you have the luxury to potter about trying on a few different outfits or taking your time laboring over which lipstick best matches your outfit and the occasion. The above quick beauty tips are more than enough when time is limited, and although it may not be a full face of makeup, you can still achieve that ‘ready to take on the day’ feel with your effortless, ‘I woke up like this’ look combining a fresh-faced makeup look, some bright clothing and tamed locks.

Your best running-late-morning beauty secret? Share it below!


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