Summer Sandals I'll Be Wearing This Year

by - May 06, 2019

We love shoes, don't we?

I'll be real honest with you, I always go to Nike for athletic shoes, I've got my Chacos when I need a sporty sandal, but Payless was always my go-to for sandals. I'm currently wearing a pair of sandals I got from there for $10 a couple years ago. Oh, RIP Payless. I'll miss you!

I've been searching for some new places to get cute, afforable sandals and right now, Nordstrom Rack and Target are the winners right now. Where do you shop for your sandals?

I've been loving a good thick-heeled sandal and a platform sandal. I've seen these everywhere lately and honestly, they are cute and so comfortable to walk in. Let's be real, I'm not a heel gal. Yeah, they're cute, but I will not be uncomfortable all day long just because the shoe is cute. Nope, not me.

Here's some shoes I'm loving right now! These are definitely summer sandals I'll be wearing this year.


What are some trends you are seeing that you're loving right now? And seriously, where do you get your sandals?


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