How I Stay Hydrated

Seriously, drink your water.

Our bodies depend on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies need water to survive. Ladies, we have to drink our water because our lives actually depend on it.

When I was like 10-years-old, I made a decision to only drink water, unless I was eating out or at a party or special event. My mom never really kept sodas or anything like that in the house, but sweet tea (oh gosh I love sweet tea) was something we did have in the house.

I think I got the motivation to up my water game after watching an after-school special on health or something on PBS. You remember the shows that were on PBS? Arthur was my favorite.

Anyway, 24-year-old Amanda is really happy that 10-year-old Amanda decided that water was super important because I don't really crave a soda or sweet tea or even coffee on a regular basis. I can go without it and for years, drinking water and staying hydrated is just a mindless thing I do. I just drink water on the daily because I like it and I get thirsty.

I know that drinking water is not easy for everyone. Some people hate the taste of water or drink it, but they drink a cup or two a day. If you're having trouble staying hydrated, I'm sharing all my tips and tricks with you. Water is so important and staying hydrated is a simple way that we can be on top of our health. There are a lot of benefits of staying hydrated!

Drinking water...
can help you maintain your weight
keeps your digestive system going
can protect against cancer
can improve your mood
may help prevent headaches
helps our kidneys do their job
gives us energy
helps take the edge of hangovers
helps us think more clearly

Staying hydrated doesn't have to be hard. For me, drinking water is really just a habit I've established and if you need to make it a better habit in your life, I've got some tips for you on how I stay hydrated.

Keep a water bottle with you at all times!
I have to have water with me all the time. I have a s'well bottle that I keep full and I take with me whether I'm running errands or going to work. Also, a reusable water bottle is good for the environment.

Don't like water? Spice it up!
Add lemon, lime, berries, mint, cucumbers... the possibilities are endless! Make it fun! Pinterest has a ton of recipes and ideas for how to spice up your water. I love to add vodka and lime to my water... wait, that's not exactly what we're talking about, right?

First thing in the morning, CHUG a glass of water.
Doing this will make you feel good (seriously, it wakes you up!). Also, when you've only been up for a couple minutes and you're chugging water, it is kind of a mindless thing and you'll already have some of your water intake done first thing in the morning.

Ladies, we've got to stay hydrated! Remember, drink half your body weight in water every single day!




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