How To Pack The Perfect Suitcase

Travelling this summer and need to pack the perfect suitcase? Look no further. I've got you!

Travelling anywhere cool this summer? So far, my summer travel plans are well, nonexistent. I'm really not planning to go anywhere, but a last minute weekend getaway might happen at some point. Your summer will probably be more exciting than mine and you might actually be planning a trip somewhere that requires you to pack a suitcase.

There are two types of packing people. There are people who wait until the last minute, sometimes the morning of, to pack up their suitcase. There are others who pack up days in advance to make sure that they have everything. I am that kind of person. Seriously, I like to pack up my suitcase a couple days before so I can plan out my outfits and not wear anything I'm taking on the trip. I also write down a list of everything I need to pack for the trip. I've been like this since I was a kid and was responsible for packing up my own suitcase. Are you a last minute packer or pack your bags super early?

I used to watch all kinds of "what's in my travel bag," "what's in my carry on," and "what's in my purse" videos on YouTube? Do you remember when those were insanely popular. All those videos gave me really great ideas and tips when it comes to packing any bag. I've been on roadtrips (the longest being nearly 20 hours) and flights that have given me first hand experience on what works and what doesn't work when packing the perfect suitcase. If you need to pack the perfect suitcase, I'm here to help! I'm giving you my top tips on how to pack the perfect suitcase, because we don't want any luggage hiccups, right?

Always start with a packing list and review it before you leave.
I swear by this and it helps me never forget a single thing, like my toothbrush or no show socks for my Converse.

If you're flying, know the airline's baggage policy.
I love flying, but I always check the baggage policy. This saves you paying any money you didn't plan on or having to check your bag that was supposed to be a carry on.

Roll your clothes.
This is my favorite packing tip. The first time I did this, I was shocked at how much room was left in my suitcase when I had packed so much. I find that this also keeps my clothes nearly wrinkle-free. We love that.

Always keep essentials and at least one outfit in your carry on bag.
I've never been in the situation where my luggage gets lost and I'm just stuck with my carry on, but I always keep the essentials, like a toothbrush and chargers, and an extra outfit with some underwear. ALWAYS keep underwear in your carry on!

Keep liquids separate from everything else.
Always keep liquids in at least a plastic bag in case it ever explodes. I have a Caboodle toiletry bag that I got from Target and I love it! It has lasted me forever.

Always pack a jacket.
Even when I'm going somewhere warm, like the beach, I always pack a light jacket. You never know when you might need it. The airplane might be cold or evenings might be chillier than you thought. A jacket is really an essential, even a light hoodie is fine!

Tell me where you're travelling (or hoping to) this summer!


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