How I'm Going Into The Last 90 Days Of The Year With Intention

What if we lived the last 90 days of the year with as much intention as we do the first?

I just want to say that fall is here and Atlanta clearly hasn't gotten the memo. We are still having 90 degrees days over here. This fall-loving lady is not very happy. I want to bundle up in a warm sweater and wear my faux leather Spanx leggings with knee-high boots while sipping on a salted caramel mocha. Is that too much to ask?

I found out about Rachel Hollis a couple years ago and I think of her as like my internet big sister. I really listen to everything she has to say and apply what I need to my own life. She is truly a big inspiration to me. I feel like we're friends, even though I've only ever heard her words through her books or on Instagram. Last year, I decided to do the Last 90 Days Challenge. This is a challenge with 5 simple rules and asks us to live the last 90 days of the year with as much intention as we do the first 90 days of the year.

The five rules for each day, what she calls the "Five To Thrive" are easy to remember.

- Get up at least an hour earlier and use that time for yourself
- Workout for at least thirty minutes
- Drink half your body weight in ounces of water
- Give up one category of food you know you shouldn't be eating
- Write down ten things you're grateful for every day

How am I implementing these into my life? I'll tell you!

For the waking up an hour earlier, I'm actually not going to do that. Why? Well, I do that already. I started this last year when I did the Last 90 Days for the first time, but I am going to be more intentional with my mornings. I did really well at first, but lately, it has been a bit more tough. I'm really committing to making this a non-negotiable and to make this a daily habit. I use this time to journal, meditate, and just have some quiet before kicking off my day.

My workouts are going to be Blogilates! I love her and her workouts. She creates workout schedules every month, so I'll be following along with that. Pilates is something that I've found that I really love and there have been times when I've just stopped doing it because I felt I should be doing something else, but you know what? I get to decide how I move my body in celebration of it, not as a punishment.

With the exception of coffee, all I drink is water, but I could definitely drink more! I'm doing to be better about tracking how much I'm drinking and make sure that I hit that goal!

Now... food. I've found myself stopping to grab fast food a bit more than I'd like to admit. Sure, more often than not, my pick is the healthiest option on the menu, but this habit costs more money that I'd like to tell you and I do love cooking, so why don't I just stick to that? I want it to be a treat if I go out and have some Chick-fil-a, not an everyday thing. Also, fast food really isn't the healthiest and when I cook my own meals at home, I know exactly what I'm putting in my body. So yeah, I'm giving up fast food. 

Gratitude. I do this already every morning! This is part of my morning routine, but I'm definitely going to reflect on this more. Last week, my car broke down and it ended up being a nearly $800 fix. When it broke down, I thanked God for my safety. I was in a parking lot, not on a busy road or somewhere unfamiliar. I was close to home and my mechanic, so the tow was going to be inexpensive and my mom was able to pick me up. My boss was kind and let me work from home for nearly a week while my car got fixed. There were blessings in this little inconvenience. Throughout that day, I kept telling myself, "Today is a good day." I got to have lunch with my mom and younger brother, which wouldn't have happened because I was going to be out running errands. I got to see my grandparents for a bit. I was healthy. My car was fixable.

I shared this post on my Instagram the other day talking about the Last 90 Days. I would love for you to join the challenge with me! If you do, let me know so I can follow along. We can even encourage each other!

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In case you didn’t know... it’s the first day of fall 🍁🍂🎃 why isn’t Georgia cooperating with this weather? - If you know me, you know that fall is my season! Pumpkin spice lattes, salted caramel mochas, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, fairs, hay rides, flannels, cold weather... not much more makes me happier. - Fall reminds me to slow down. Sip my coffee while I cozy up and read a book. Put my phone down and enjoy the moment whether I’m walking around eating fair food or trying to find my way out of a corn maze. Fall brings family and friends together for Thanksgiving. - Fall also means the start of #Last90Days. It is this thing that @msrachelhollis started and she basically challenges us to be intentional about our last 90 days of the year. The rules are simple... wake up one hour earlier and use that time for yourself, move your body for at least 30 minutes a day, give up one food group (I’m doing fast food), drink half your body weight in ounces of water, and practice gratitude daily. You can follow her for full details and to sign up to get all the info, but you should think about joining in! It’s a fun challenge and gives you a head start on any of those new year resolutions you’re thinking about starting in 2020. - Happy fall y’all! Did I really just say that? 😂
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