4 Ways To Focus On Relaxation Within Your Home

Long, stressful day? I’m with you!

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After a day like that, all you want to do is come home and relax, but sometimes it’s hard to think about how to relax in your home when you are so wound up from your day. Fear not - I’m here to help. Here are four ways to focus on relaxation within your home:

Take A Bath
Imagine coming home after a long day, or a really hard workout, and hopping in a bath with a glass of wine to wind down. Now, I know this might not be everyone’s first go-to when trying to relax within your home (especially for guys!), but getting in a hot bath, especially if you include essential oils or epsom salts is a great way to wind down. According to Town and Country Magazine, settling into warm water feels good, but that pleasure happens to have staying power. According to psychologist Neil Morris, who surveyed 80 people, bathing can diminish feelings of depression and pessimism because "Baths give you...a wonderful combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort." The feelings of closeness we receive from being submerged in warm liquid "gives us connotations of being in the womb, and it is very comforting," Dr. John Harcup, chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee for the British Spa Foundation, suggests. Overall, bathing induces feelings of comfort and easiness, and that kind of security allows your mind, and subsequently your body, to relax.”

Watch A Movie
When I say watch a movie, I do not mean a scary movie because that has the potential to have a reverse (non-relaxing) effect on you. Instead, choose a light movie that will make you feel good and laugh. There is nothing better than curling up on the couch or in bed with ice cream or hot popcorn while watching a good rom-com. I swear - it always puts me in a great mood and helps me relax after a hard day. In order to have the best movie night, make sure that you have a comfortable space! A huge, plush couch with lots of blankets and pillows is ideal, or like I already mentioned, you could just head straight for bed.

Utilize Your Outdoor Space
Your outdoor space is the perfect place to unwind, recharge, and relax, but in order to do so, you need to make sure that it’s actually a relaxing space. One of my best tips for creating a relaxing space outdoors is to get your landscaping in check and also add a water feature. I’m not sure what it is about water features, but they are just so insanely relaxing, which is why most spas typically have them! If you are looking for someone to help with your landscaping or to add a water feature in your backyard, Arbor Ridge might be your answer and you can contact them for a free estimate on your project. Arbor Ridge is the best residential design build firm in Atlanta. They offer hardscape design and installation services, landscape services, and custom interior residential remodeling, as well. They claim to create a design that goes above and beyond your expectations, develop a plan that keeps the home renovation project on schedule, and they always stay within budget. There are many reasons to use a design-build contractor, but check out their about me page to find out more about them and why they are the best in Atlanta.

Have An At-Home Spa Day

An at-home spa day is an amazing way to focus on relaxation within your home. This not only makes it a bit more convenient to do after a long day, but it also saves you a lot of money. Unfortunately, spas are expensive, so when you do it yourself at home, you are potentially saving big bucks and can use that money to treat yourself even more with new clothes, or other fun items. If you are going to have an at-home spa day, go big or go home (no pun intended, ha!) and this starts by setting the mood. Put on some calming music and create the perfect “spa scent,” which I’m sure you can already imagine just by me mentioning a spa scent. Lavender essential oil is great for relaxing, but to me, eucalyptus just reminds me so much of a spa, so I always love to diffuse some of that (maybe both mixed together?! Try it out!). Using your diffuser to disperse your oils is a great and healthy option, but if you are not an oil person, candles work, as well. I will give them this - they do create such a nice ambience with their lighting!

What is your favorite way to focus on relaxation?


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