Life After College: 5 Tips To Survive The Real World

Post-grad life is an interesting topic. It is such a time of transition.

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After graduating, I had no idea where to start. You go through four (or more) years of your life in college and then they just let you out into the real world with no manual on what to do or where to start when it comes to finding a job, managing your finances, finding a place to live, and more. I was fortune enough to land a job after graduation that aligned with the career path I wanted to pursue, but navigating post-grad life is still a tough time.

If you are graduating college soon, or if you have recently graduated college, keep reading. If you know of someone that will be graduating soon, pass this article their way. Here are my best tips when it comes to surviving the real world after college:

Take Time Finding Your First Job
Okay, this is important. Take time finding your first job. I know it’s instinct to accept the first job that comes your way and sometimes, you will have to accept something that is not your dream job at first (more on this in a bit), but do not rush into a decision because a lot of the time, you will regret it. For example, my friend recently graduated with her masters degree in speech language pathology. Her masters, y’all. She rushed into a position that she was not 100% sold on and now she really regrets it and doesn’t know what to do. Needless to say, please do not rush into any and every position that is thrown your way. We spend so much of our lives at our workplace, so we really need to enjoy what we are doing and where we are working.

Consider Your Commute
This is huge, as well - you need to consider your commute before jumping into a position. Why? Because who wants to spend hours upon hours getting to and from our jobs. Not me. When you choose a position, consider the commute and make sure that it is do-able. My current commute is over an hour. In the future, I'll make sure I'm within 30 minutes of my workplace.

Manage Your Finances
Managing your finances is extremely important after college because it is very, very easy to rack up the high-interest credit card debt at first, when you are trying to figure everything out for yourself. Instead of using your credit cards (which could have interest rates close to 20%), think outside the box, like getting a collateral loan from Prestamos por Oro. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, they provide low-interest loans in cash in exchange for your gold, diamonds, jewelry, and other valuables. As a new college graduate, random expenses pop up and when they do, choose a low-interest collateral loan vs. a high-interest credit card loan. It will definitely benefit you in the long run. Prestamos por Oro has been located in Buckhead less than a block from the Lenox MARTA station for almost 40 years now. You can get your cash the same day, without an appointment, you do not need a credit check, and all you need is your credentials from any country. They even have a new customer special, which is a $10 gas card with each loan! Check out their Facebook page or website today to find out more information about them.

Prioritize Friendships That Matter
After college, friendships can be tough. There’s always that group of people who are still in the “partying every single night” mindset and then there are those people who are in the “can’t party at all mindset.” No matter who you are, there is always a group of people for you. Maybe you do not party at all, or maybe you party once every now and then. Either way, there are the perfect group of friends out there for you and when you find them, you need to make sure to make them a priority in your life because family and good friends are all that matter at the end of the day. Well, and happiness, but that significantly contributes to your happiness. Do not settle for your friends.

The people that matter will make time for you and never make you feel guilty whenever your plans might change. They are the ones who you appreciate the Facetime call and random texts you send them. They are the ones who don't make you feel bad when your life gets busy and you can't catch up as often as usual. Keep your real friends close. Prioritize the friendships that matter.

Don’t Expect Too Much At First

Okay, so we have talked about not settling, but you also need to manage your expectations. When you first come out of college, things will not be perfect. You will probably have to get an apartment that isn’t your dream apartment in your dream location and you will probably have a job that is not your absolute dream. Maybe you are doing what you love to do, but the pay is not the best. It is okay. While you definitely should not settle for the first thing(s) that come your way, I do believe that starting from the bottom and working hard to make your way to the top is something that most, if not all, people have to do in their career paths and that is 100 percent okay and honestly, it is good for us. It teaches us that hard work and effort are important. So, just know that although things are not perfect, if you put in the effort, they will get there for you.


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